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Karen Dempsey

Writer and Psychotherapist

Karen Dempsey is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice in South London, and is lead counsellor with adult education college City Lit. She has been a professional writer for more than 20 years. She blogs about emotional health, personal growth, and creative ways to feel better about yourself.

How Expressive Writing Can Support Your Mental Health

Expressive writing - also known as therapeutic writing - is the process of letting your thoughts and feelings flood onto the page, without stopping to censor, judge or perfect. It's a free-flow process that allows the thoughts and feelings to pour out, like water from a tap.
12/09/2017 13:49 BST

How Storytelling Can Tame Your Inner Saboteur

Frustrated creative people can feel as though they ARE their own worst critics. They can end up identifying with their saboteur, rather than seeing it as just a part of their psyche that isn't particularly helpful or supportive.
14/09/2016 11:10 BST