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Game Of Crones: Part

Game Of Crones: Part One

This same month Italian Vogue dedicates itself to 'timelessness' and has Lauren Hutton grace its cover. So when the call to join the 'Grey Rebellion' landed in my inbox, I wondered if it was time for this Grey-Walker to reject a life of House (of) Fraser and re-join House Givenchy or House McCartney.
20/10/2017 14:09 BST
Katie Price Doesn't Bare

Katie Price Doesn't Bare All

I left amused but ultimately disappointed. I had expected something more insightful, dare I say 'deeper', from the conversation. More fool me. Katie was quoted on the publicity leaflet as saying "No-one will ever work me out", and she turned up and spoke true to her image, right on-brand.
18/11/2016 11:54 GMT
Designing, Not

Designing, Not Drowning

n its 100-year history the fashionista's bible has never featured a brand aimed at the post-surgery market until now. Describing the range as "stunning" and saying it "can be worn by all women who desire figure-enhancing swimwear," Vogue included the "Dive Collection" in the "Making Waves" edit in their celebratory 100 years edition, massively boosting diversity in the fashion industry at the same time.
17/08/2016 14:51 BST
Should Sexist Comments Mean the End of a

Should Sexist Comments Mean the End of a Petition?

My fear is now that any petition can be taken down because it attracts sexist comments and that we will lose the potential for valuable change, as we may have just done with regard to Kuenssburg's fitness for her job. My fear is that, ironically as it may sound to Laura Bates and 38 Degrees, that at the end of a nasty day, sexism has won.
13/05/2016 15:21 BST
Mothers' Day: This is No Time To

Mothers' Day: This is No Time To Relax!

Anyone else a bit fed up of emails telling you which bath products, flowers and chocolates to get your Mum for Mothers' Day? I mean, I can always do with a box of chocs, and so can my Mum, but this commercial onslaught is relentless. Before all the commerciality came, there was Mothering Sunday,* an early religious festival, but frankly that doesn't resonate with me either...
03/03/2016 12:08 GMT
Bowie: The Original Chief Freedom

Bowie: The Original Chief Freedom Fighter

I'm not the biggest music fan: so I asked myself why I felt so sad and affected by his exit. His image has been around my whole life and I've always connected it with freedom, and flipping the bird to cultural norms.
14/01/2016 15:45 GMT
10 Benefits of a Flatter Front: Redressing the

10 Benefits of a Flatter Front: Redressing the Balance

Of course, here at Loose Debra we believe that big breasts, saggy breasts, small breasts and no-breast chests are all intrinsically beautiful and don't need to change - it's all about attitude. I was a bit sad that the woman had felt the need for augmentation, though not unsympathetic as we all live with the social pressure to be valued according to what society says is valuable.
04/01/2016 17:09 GMT
The Buddha of Absolute

The Buddha of Absolute Freedom

A long time ago I read a story briefly featuring someone called 'The Buddha Of Absolute Freedom'. Not a central character, but one who momentarily connected with the hero of the story to show him the way on his journey.
16/11/2015 16:42 GMT
The Health Benefits of Not

The Health Benefits of Not Conforming

In the society I live in I'm told I look best with a shaped, rounded and lifted upper chest. So I do it sometimes, despite some evidence that it may not be best for my physical health, and my own growing suspicion that it may not be good for my mental health.
30/10/2015 15:13 GMT
Seven Style Secrets for Flatter

Seven Style Secrets for Flatter Fronts

Tops or dresses that cinch in at the waist, due either to elastication, ruching or a waist-enhancing belt. Exaggerating the waist magically creates more fullness in the bust area, and the blouson effect disguises exact bust size.
26/10/2015 22:46 GMT


When my younger sister was diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer at the age of 41 and had a bilateral mastectomy, and my Mum aged 71 was diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer just the next month, (lumpectomy and all her lymph nodes removed on that side), it wasn't possible for me to feel happy knowing how very much they were suffering.
15/10/2015 11:28 BST
M&S Cancer Awareness Campaign Misses the

M&S Cancer Awareness Campaign Misses the Mark...

Remember the viral campaign, written about so eloquently here by breast cancer survivor and friend Nicola, that challenged women to 'Hold a Coke Between Your Boobs' and post a selfie of it? For breast cancer, of course. Except, had you had a mastectomy, then, sorry, you couldn't take part.
12/10/2015 11:31 BST