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Karen Jackson

Director, didlaw

Director, didlaw

Invisible Disability: Blessing Or Curse?

Whilst this might seem a strange title for a blog on disability, I count myself incredibly lucky to have had a hidden disability all of my adult life. If I had to choose between invisible and visible, I would choose invisible every time. Why, you ask? It stops the questions. It stops the pity. It stops people thinking you are 'less' of a person because you are in some way deficient.
09/06/2017 11:12 BST

Discrimination And Sexism Must End To Close The Gender Pay Gap

Until these dinosaurs either die out or have diversity training I fear the legal and other professions still have a long way to go on gender. The gender pay gap is not the reason women are under-represented at senior levels. The real reason? Discrimination and sexism.
20/04/2017 16:51 BST

The City Working Culture Is A Microcosm Of Why Men Don't Talk About Their Mental Health

<a href="" target="_hplink"><center><img alt="bmm banner" src="" /></center></a> Improvement in suicide rates for me is all about changing the environment. At work, in the City and elsewhere, men must be encouraged to seek help when the burden gets too great. How can we encourage men to open up and seek help without shame and stigma? We cannot just sit back and watch.
10/11/2016 09:02 GMT