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Karianne Robinson

Learning Mentor for the Lancaster University and Villiers Park Educational Trust's East Lancashire Scholars Programme

Karianne Robinson has been working as a member of UK Student Recruitment and Outreach at Lancaster University since she graduated from the University in 2015 with a degree in History and Politics. Karianne’s role includes working as an Outreach Learning Mentor on the East Lancashire Scholars Programme which is a partnership between the University and Villiers Park Educational Trust. The Scholars Programme is a comprehensive four-year pathway to help able students from less advantaged backgrounds reach their full potential and gain access to leading universities or other centres of excellence and thrive once there.
Get the Most Out of University - Study a Subject You

Get the Most Out of University - Study a Subject You Love

Choosing a subject to study at degree level is the first big hurdle in the university application process. Being able to make a strong, confident decision at this stage can make the whole application process easier and prevent concerns from growing about whether or not you've made the right decision. Unfortunately, it's rarely an easy decision to make when there are so many different considerations to bear in mind.
07/06/2016 11:40 BST
How to be an Introvert at

How to be an Introvert at University

With hindsight I can see that I had little to worry about regarding Fresher's Week and adapting to university style learning. But as a sixth form student with no family who had been to university, my fears surrounding how I would fit in grew considerably. If you happen to be in a similar situation, I hope that this article goes at least a small way to minimising your concerns.
20/04/2016 16:50 BST