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Karim Goudiaby

Chief Executive of Vivastreet and EasyRoommate

In 2002, Karim joined the Easyroommate team then located in the New York offices. He began his web journey as an ambitious, driven and passionate intern. He rejoined the team a few years after graduating and was instrumental in establishing the company’s global offices and developing Easyroommate’s online presence.

Karim has an in depth knowledge of the property and shared accommodation market, and he is dedicated to bringing benefits to consumers through extensive web services which meet the needs of lifestyle demands and connect people, locally and globally.

It is Time to Focus on the Future, and Not Only Live in the Now

The government needs to re-evaluate the Right to Buy scheme and establish a new way for citizens to live comfortably. If they focused on creating long-term options such as rent-only neighborhoods, or providing more funds to citizens with a low-income, the housing crisis could soon become a thing of the past.
01/05/2015 10:44 BST

Subletting in London: Who Wins and Who Loses?

When the subletting legislature makes its way to parliament, the Chancellor must take care to ensure that tenants remain safe, landlords hold less liability for subtenants, and the housing supply isn't diminished by mass rent-to-rent schemes.
23/04/2015 13:14 BST

Sharing Our Future

Despite the fact that the sharing economy is such a basic endeavor that has existed for centuries, many economists, corporate thought leaders, members of the workforce, and consumers themselves, have expressed hesitations regarding this model.
21/01/2015 15:37 GMT

The Bubble Won't Pop

Concerns of a real estate bubble in London are overblown - in fact, we must not be concerned, we must change our perspective. We should be thrilled by the multiple benefits and opportunities that London's housing boom has provided and will continue to provide.
05/12/2014 15:48 GMT