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University of Edinburgh Politics student who enjoys writing about feminism, social issues, and current events. Always aiming to start a dialogue.
Are 'Gender Reveals'

Are 'Gender Reveals' Problematic?

On the surface, these 'gender reveals' are the latest exciting activity for expectant parents, as well as cute videos to watch on social media. However, what do they say about our society's attitudes towards gender? Are they a manifestation of larger societal issues, or simply a bit of harmless fun?
09/08/2017 16:26 BST
'13 Reasons Why' Teaches People To Reconsider Their Actions, And That's

'13 Reasons Why' Teaches People To Reconsider Their Actions, And That's Okay

This is not a mystery of a manic pixie dream girl and her story is not meant to be romanticised - this is a story of an imperfect 17-year-old who takes her own life after a series of terrible things happen to her. Her death is violent and bloody and scary to watch, and seeing how it affects those around her is no less haunting. The show is profound and thought-provoking, and it certainly made me consider my previous and future actions towards others.
09/04/2017 21:06 BST
The Voice of the

The Voice of the Victim

I ask you again to read this woman's statement. We must pay attention to her side of the story, we must appreciate her bravery, we must listen to her voice despite others' attempts to silence it. For every instance of misdirected blame, for every statement carefully constructed to invalidate her story, we must stand up and fight with her. Do not let Brock Turner fill in the gaps in her story; for it is too important and too courageous to be tampered with.
13/06/2016 15:04 BST
Empowered or

Empowered or Exploited?

Whether the actions of Miley Cyrus are harmful to women or not, in a world which simultaneously chastises and exploits female sexuality, it is unfair to blame the woman for being unable to appease both critics. We can, however, criticise a system which leads women to make decisions which may detrimental to the female gender as a whole.
29/10/2015 15:44 GMT