Kate L. Gould

Rat-lover, insatiable reader, campaigner, Beethoven groupie, writer, and tattooed lady

In no particular order, Kate Gould is a writer, Beethoven groupie, feminist, campaigner for sex workers' rights at SCOT-PEP, tattooed lady, etiquette fanatic, insatiable reader, and commissioning editor at The Fine Line. She spends most of her time reading in her flat overrun by pet rats, Georgia, Minnie and Olivia. She's been a research assistant to Germaine Greer and Shere Hite, MORI pollster, book critic, magazine editor, over-worked publishing intern, nanny, English teacher, and hotel critic. Her book on flashers, Exposing Phallacy: Flashing in Contemporary Culture, was released in August 2012, published by Zero Books. She blogs at www.mybeautifulchandelier.com and works at http://editorial-consultancy.co.uk The best insult she's ever heard is “buckle-bunny wannabe”.
Defending Our Sexual

Defending Our Sexual Fantasies

There are a number of issues surrounding the emergence of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and the rush by pharmaceutical companies to find a treatment. Right now, I feel a little like the kids in The Cat in the Hat, looking around and saying "this mess is so big and so deep and so tall, we cannot clean it up, there is no way at all".
17/02/2014 11:59 GMT
Stabbed to Death by

Stabbed to Death by Stigma

Despite being the poster nation for sexual equality, Sweden's laws on sex work and attitudes towards it are woefully patriarchal. The purchase of sex is illegal and the prevailing view is that sex work is a form of self-harm and women who choose to work in the sex industry are victims without agency or reason.
18/07/2013 15:19 BST
Dove's Dirty

Dove's Dirty Tricks

The nice folks at Dove are at it again: in their bid to convince women that they don't have to look on the point of collapse or have preternaturally symmetrical features and skin unmarked by life to be beautiful, they've conducted what they're calling "a compelling social experiment".
29/04/2013 13:28 BST
Lies, All

Lies, All Lies!

Tis the season for making promises to ourselves - and, possibly, others, though they'll have heard it all before - that we know we won't keep. My New Year's resolutions are going pretty well so far. I've resolved to do the following.
02/01/2013 11:18 GMT
Why I'm Opposed to Criminalising the Purchase of

Why I'm Opposed to Criminalising the Purchase of Sex

The Member of the Scottish Parliament, Rhoda Grant, believes sex workers are imbeciles who should be denied the right to earn a living and subjected to state-sanctioned sexual assault to ensure that they comply with the dictates imposed upon their profession. Not that she puts it quite like that.
05/12/2012 10:12 GMT
Are Scientists Stealing

Are Scientists Stealing Foreplay?

Once upon a time there was a thing called foreplay. Sometimes it was silent: just a kiss in a club and an awkward scuffle in the toilets. Others took more time with it. They wrote sweet lines, sent flowers, asked a lady to dance and, even, for her hand in marriage before they even embarked on it.
20/11/2012 17:41 GMT