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Kate Milner

London dweller, mother and occasional ranter

I write about all things left-y and feminist-y and every so often try to dispense some advice about parenting, though a casual observation of my children would suggest I'm not best placed to do that. I'm an expert on locating slides and toilets in Central London, which is the kind of thing I've spent six years writing about over on London With a Toddler. Call me a snowflake at your own risk.
#MeToo Is A Feminist

#MeToo Is A Feminist Issue

If you've been anywhere on the social media this week you'll have noticed a proliferation of women posting "me too" in response to a call for action from actress Alyssa Milano about sexual abuse.
25/10/2017 14:14 BST
I Am Trying To Understand

I Am Trying To Understand America

I know, I should probably be concentrating on trying to understand Britain first - we have plenty of problems of our own with Brexit and Boris and backstabbing. But sometimes, it's easier to deal with someone else's problems that face up to your own, isn't it? Which is why I'm trying to understand America but it's hard.
09/10/2017 11:08 BST
When Women Ask for Equality, Are They Also Asking for

When Women Ask for Equality, Are They Also Asking for Abuse?

Every so often, those kind of weeks come about when you realise just how far we still have to go before we achieve anything resembling gender equality. It's been one of those. A friend wrote a Facebook post on the page of a company that makes shoes and the resulting torrent has been one of foul misogynist abuse.
14/08/2017 11:18 BST
When A Business Lives Or Dies By Its Facebook

When A Business Lives Or Dies By Its Facebook Reviews

I think I got a bit off piste there but here's the take home. Don't be an arse on social media unless you're 100% convinced it's worth being an arse. If you need to troll someone, refer back to my first paragraph. Trump's on Twitter all the time. Fair game.
01/08/2017 12:15 BST
London Trumps

London Trumps Trump

It's no wonder that Trump doesn't understand our London spirit in the slightest. He was born into money and can't conceive of a world where a bus driver's son could rise to a position where he speaks with authority. But don't start on our mayor, Donald. He speaks for us. And you definitely do not.
12/06/2017 13:48 BST
A Feminist Tale As Old As

A Feminist Tale As Old As Time

Belle is a strong female role model for my princess obsessed daughter and her princess obsessed friends. Don't take this away from them by painting her as some weak minded little girl. In a world where a crucial meeting between two world leaders in reported in terms of their calves, we still need feminism. We still need Belle. I wonder why we didn't see it there before.
04/04/2017 15:27 BST
Dressing Up Days Favour The Crafty And Punish The

Dressing Up Days Favour The Crafty And Punish The Working

It's the third dress up day this half term which - lest we forget - is only 5 weeks long. It's a constant mental toll on the parents who squeeze a work day around their children's schedules and the threat of dropping all the relevant plates is a very real one.
27/03/2017 15:02 BST
The Last Summer Of Baby

The Last Summer Of Baby Swings

It's so hard to write about this without resorting to cliché so I'll just embrace it instead. It goes so fast. Not when you're in the relentless drudge of sleep deprivation and days pass like weeks. But once they've started toddling away it speeds up like a John Lewis advert and you find yourself organising birthday parties with frightening regularity just so that you can add all those candle-blowing out shots to the turbo-charged montage.
20/03/2017 16:28 GMT
This Isn't Just Politics, This Is

This Isn't Just Politics, This Is History

I'm far from sorted when it comes to my thoughts about this whole political situation - my brain starts to shut down when I think too much about the coming apocalypse - but one thing is clear to me. We're on the edge of something monumental. And like that rollercoaster into Bank, it may well leave you feeling nauseous...
23/11/2016 12:46 GMT
No One Said They Would Be

No One Said They Would Be Toddlers

Seven-year-olds aren't equipped to cross a continent and then fend for themselves in a makeshift tent. They die, they disappear and all the time smug fasicsts are sitting in their provincial homes posting on Facebook about an immigrant's hoodie looking too clean.
24/10/2016 17:25 BST
I'm A Christian - Should I Vote For

I'm A Christian - Should I Vote For Trump?

Assuming you're not a far-rightist who sets fire to abortion clinics, can I urge you to think and pray about this decision? Trump is not a Christian. He doesn't act like a Christian... So analyse, scrutinise, think and pray. Don't wait and then regret. Don't be on the wrong side of history.
10/10/2016 16:46 BST
Creating Safe Spaces For Women Is Not

Creating Safe Spaces For Women Is Not 'Sexism'

In some ways, it's crazy that I have to expand on this post past the title. I will expand, but first let me repeat that - creating safe spaces for women is not sexism. In fact, denying women safe spaces is far more sexist and discriminatory.
19/09/2016 17:21 BST
Why We Need to Stop Imposing the 'Tech Obsessed' Label on Our

Why We Need to Stop Imposing the 'Tech Obsessed' Label on Our Kids

It's such a familiar narrative that I barely need to go over it again but here is the news - it's July 2016 and children everywhere are obsessed with technology to an extent that we fear for the future. How will civilisation ever function when this generation of socially-deprived, couch-potato tech-heads are in charge?
07/08/2016 22:26 BST
The Tiny Adjustments of

The Tiny Adjustments of Parenting

Now, don't get me wrong - there are plenty of things that you can and should do from birth to aid your child's emotional development. Expressing love and affection never goes astray and being responsive to your child's needs is also helpful. But certain disciplines to do with consent and sensitivity are, to be blunt, overkill when you're talking about a newborn baby.
11/07/2016 14:42 BST