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With an off-beat sense of humour and a philosophical view on life, her writing is thought-provoking, sometimes humorous and occasionally subversive.

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Why We Should be Talking about Equality for All

What warms my heart is that we now live in a world where not only is this being discussed openly in the media but there are many of us who are understanding, non-judgemental and supportive of all human beings whatever their gender, race or sexuality.
28/10/2015 15:38 GMT

Sexiest Wedding Gifts in the World

Fancy having your rude bits cast mid-act with your lover? It certainly beats giving your new wife jewellery on your wedding day. Meet the artist who is causing a storm in the art world with his latest exhibition and offering couples a lasting and tangible expression of their love.
05/08/2014 17:15 BST

Bride Marries in Intensive Care Unit

The nursing staff knew Hayley had been planning her wedding and it was Jan Williams, a Senior Staff Nurse at the hospital who suggested they marry there in the intensive care unit rather than postpone their marriage ceremony.
10/03/2014 14:26 GMT

Weddings and the Curse of 2013

Weddings are full of superstition. As a superstitious society we are more likely to expect bad luck to strike on Friday 13th than any other date. Indeed the fear of the number 13 even has a name, albeit one most of us can't pronounce: triskaidekaphobia.
15/10/2013 13:45 BST

Having it All - The Career, The Kids and Your Sanity

The trick is, to not feel the pressure from all sides, but instead to accept that you can have it all as long as you have help. If giving up work to have children is what's important to you, then do it. If you don't want to give up work but do want to give your children enough of your time, then look at working part time or taking some time off before going back to work.
29/07/2013 17:53 BST

Tootsie Talks - Beauty, Body Image and the Feminine Ideal

We are all in many ways brainwashed to believe that a certain look is the ideal. How many men have discounted women simply because they do not fit the very narrow vision of beauty that we have come to define as being so important and how many women have felt unimportant simply because they do not fit this prescribed 'ideal'?
10/07/2013 12:59 BST

Falling in Love

The strongest and perhaps the strangest of emotions, it can bring absolute elation and utter despair in equal measures. When we admit we have fallen in love, we are at our most vulnerable, opening our hearts and souls to one person; we take a risk.
13/06/2013 17:30 BST

Same-Sex Love and Weddings

It seems the political has become personal with the very heated controversy over the same sex marriage bill. It's suddenly no longer just the 'live and let live and love' argument. It's an emotive subject as it forces us to question our religious, moral and ethical views.
30/05/2013 09:32 BST

Secrets to a Successful Marriage

It's so easy to get married, and yet with the divorce rate at an all-time high, it seems not so easy to stay married. There is so much written on the subject of how to have a happy marriage, and most notably by people on their second or third... These are people who have learned some valuable lessons through trial and error.
19/05/2013 22:23 BST

Daringly Different Wedding Dresses

We are all one of a kind, and we want our wedding to be different and memorable in its own right, to reflect our own personal style. Why then is the ubiquitous ivory, strapless bridal gown still the choice for most brides today?
22/02/2013 17:33 GMT

Seven Sexy and Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day... commercial cliché or the perfect excuse for that stunning red corset you've been lusting after, and then an early night? Whatever you think of Valentine's Day, with its printed cards and over-priced flowers, it is the one day of the year we are all focused on love.
08/02/2013 18:18 GMT

The Spirit of Christmas Ain't Just a Liqueur

Christmas... it's not just for children; the true spirit of Christmas is about peace and love. So, with that in mind, I'm not going to offer you <a href="http://www.confetti.co.uk/shop/" target="_hplink">style inspiration</a>, this year, on how to make your winter wonderland look even more enchanting, I'd like to give you something else to think about, something - dare I say it - more important.
21/12/2012 14:26 GMT

Magic Knickers - An Alluring Illusion

Yes, that's right - tall, thin, elegant, waif-like Gwyneth Paltrow admits she sucks in her fat with magic knickers called Spanx. Who knows what she really looks like without them?
12/10/2012 18:41 BST

Bridezilla, the Disinterested Groom and Other Tales

For some couples their wedding day is a wonderful, romantic adventure - two soul mates 'becoming one' forever, their families joined in harmony. For others, the wedding is not so much 'A Whole Lotta Love', as the beginning of an avalanche of emotional anguish, aggrivation and annoyance...
07/09/2012 22:43 BST

Wild and Wonderful Wedding Venues

A Tarzan style tree-house and an Arabian tent were probably not on the list when you came to booking your wedding reception. These days, anything goes and you don't have to hire the local snooker hall or stately home to entertain your guests.
08/08/2012 16:29 BST

Honeymoons, MoneyMoons and Honey Money

An estimated 70% of newlyweds are now choosing to honeymoon overseas, with only one in 33 couples planning a UK honeymoon. So, with the current recession, how can we have that exotic honeymoon holiday of a lifetime without getting into debt?
12/07/2012 16:57 BST

Grow Old Gracefully - The Best is Yet to Come

So many of today's stars are chosen to look as close to perfect as possible. Most female celebrities don't have visible eye-bags or spots or jowels or wrinkles like some of us do. Tess Daly, even in her 40s, is more polished than most women in their 20s and 30s. And yet she's teamed on<em> Strictly Come Dancing</em> with ageing 80-something Bruce Forsyth...
19/06/2012 16:49 BST

All You Need is Love - The Budget Cheat's Guide to a Cheaper Wedding

What does your perfect wedding look like? Perhaps it features Robert Pattinson/Cheryl Cole/your fiancé(e) (delete as appropriate) in sumptuous luxury at a seven-star Dubai hotel, a sophisticated evening soiree at the London Ritz, or sand in your toes on a sun-drenched private beach.
31/05/2012 17:38 BST