Kate Tunstall

The Less-Refined Mind

Kate is in her late twenties or, (very) early thirties, depending on how honest she’s feeling when asked. She resides in rural Essex with her champion husband and their two young daughters, affectionately known as the ‘Devil Pixie’ and ‘Elfin Angel’ - only one of whom lives up to her moniker…

 Kate established her freelance writing business a year ago, having decided that much like cardboard boxes, office politics are significantly less fascinating to adults than they are to children. 

 Since then, Refined Prose has evolved into The Less-Refined Mind, where Kate can be found blogging about motherhood, marriage, and all manner of mischief. From petty peeves to politics, Kate doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is. As an inevitable role-model to her daughters, she even throws in the odd ‘inspirational’ post in an effort to quell her cynicism and promote positivity.

 Sometimes caustic - but always candid – Kate loves a provocative subject matter almost as much as she loves (good) coffee and (great) cake. 

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