Katharine Osborne

Developer, entrepreneur, writer, and cancer veteran.

Katharine is a Creative Technologist (that's a fancy term for developer) at digital advertising agency Possible in London. She is also an entrepreneur who has worked at a variety of tech startups in the UK and US.

Originally from the bear/cougar/eagle/orca-infested hinterlands of Vancouver Island in Canada, she was raised in a medically literate household with a father who taught preventative medicine and is permanently scarred from having prepared his lecture slides on the horrifying life cycle of the cockroach. Even so she has taken ideas about prevention to heart and advocates for proper funding, research, early disease detection, and better public engagement with healthcare. She gives heavy side-eye to any politician who thinks healthcare reform begins and ends with slashing budgets.

She loves Bollywood movies and is learning Hindi so she can love them even more.

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