Katherine Formosa Bown

Author of 'Your Guide Through Her Breast Cancer Journey'

Katherine Formosa Bown was diagnosed at 33 years old with Stage 1, Grade 3 breast cancer in February 2009 after finding a lump in her breast whilst on honeymoon. She had 18 weeks of FEC chemotherapy, 3 weeks of Radiotherapy and is currently still taking Tamoxifen.

Since her diagnosis she has supported friends and family members of recently diagnosed women, giving them an insight into her experience and how they could offer their support. In 2012 she wrote 'Your Guide Through Her Breast Cancer Journey' as the essential guide for someone to support their loved one through breast cancer. Covering everything from diagnosis and treatment to coming out the other end but most importantly, it explains clearly how loved ones can make a real difference with easy-to-understand explanations, tips and advice.