Katherine Lowe

Mum of two, freelancer writer, copywriter, marketer.

Mum of two, freelance writer, copywriter, marketer. Keen runner and traveller, interested in education, lifestyle, business, media, health and parenting.

Never Mind The Kids, It's Work Keeping Mums Awake At Night

The first meeting of my new post-kids freelance career took place at an upmarket private members club deep in the countryside. Suited, booted and over-prepared I navigated the car down the long entrance drive before promptly taking a wrong turn and ending up down a lane to the side of the car park....instead of in the car park itself.
08/11/2017 13:55 GMT

The Only New Year's Resolution Worth Keeping...

Lying in bed, listening to my husband cope just fine downstairs without me I suddenly realised how ridiculous I was being - if my kids had this many ailments I would have packed them off to the doctor's weeks ago (and been awake at night frantically Googling their symptoms...)
31/01/2017 13:45 GMT

'Tis The Season To Be Completely Exhausted

Now with two kids of our own and eight people (spanning four generations, and including one recent separation and a vegetarian) coming to our house on Christmas day, these are the years when it's my turn to do the hard graft.
21/12/2016 16:32 GMT

Why Mindfulness And Motherhood Don't Mix

I think the only time I am truly 'in the moment' these days is when I'm in the great outdoors at the weekend or on holiday. If the sun is shining and we're not in a rush, if there are beaches, fields or woods to explore, then something magical always seems happen.
25/10/2016 14:57 BST

Imperfect Family Holidays Are the Best Kind

Summer holiday season is upon us. Magazines are bursting with features on how to achieve the perfect bikini body, select the best beach read and pack a chic capsule wardrobe. But these fun, frivolous concerns seem like a distant memory to mothers with small children about to embark on a week in the sun.
08/06/2016 10:14 BST

Why You Don't Always Need a Plan

Like most women I know, and almost every mother in the universe, I am one of life's planners. No major life event has taken place without an epic 'to do' list and multi-tabbed financial spreadsheet.
20/04/2016 12:33 BST

Can I Get Down Please, Google?

Sometimes I worry how this lifestyle of technology-enabled instant gratification will affect her and her brother in the long-term. Will they be less willing to roll their sleeves up and work hard, and will they display less patience when it comes to achievements and rewards?
22/03/2016 10:12 GMT

The Secret (Food) Diary of a Mum-Of-Two

The hazy new-baby honeymoon period was over and I was ready to take action. My goals were to tone up, eat a healthier diet with no mid-week alcohol, and consume considerably less sugar.
22/02/2016 11:55 GMT

Sisterhood - The Real 'Motherhood Challenge'?

No matter what we're striving to achieve, yearning for or worrying about, we can be our own worst enemies so women need to stick together - in person, at work and on social networking sites. Choices and experiences around motherhood are hugely emotive subjects naturally, but we only lash out at each when we're feeling sad, uncertain and insecure (oh, and tired).
08/02/2016 11:20 GMT