Kathrine Bejanyan

PhD, Relationship Expert, Relationship Consultant

Relationship! Relationships! Relationships! I’m all about them - how they work, how two people come together, how to make it a success and get your own happily ever after.

I hold a PhD in social psychology concentrating on romantic relationships. I also have a Master's in counselling psychology and am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy with a license as a Marriage Family Therapist from the United States. Along with my primary focus on romantic relationships, I also have a strong interest in gender identity and cultural issues, especially in terms of how these issues impact the quality or choices we make for romantic partners. I have many years of experience working within a counselling setting as a therapist with individuals/couples of all ages and backgrounds.

Currently, I work at an exclusive dating agency ( where we endeavour to match people based on common values and principles. As the resident relationship expert on site, I try to help our clients gain a better understanding of themselves, their partner(s) and learn how to form true intimacy within their romantic relationships. Outside of the agency I also work with individuals and couples on relationship issues and am available for consulting in larger organizations.

If you like to chat or get feedback on your own persona life, you can find me at