Katie Teehan

London-based writer and sub-editor

London-based writer and sub-editor, Irish, runner, dog person and podcast addict, interested in fitness, culture, health and lifestyle.

The Freedom Of Looking Your Absolute Worst

Earlier this year, I ran a really gruelling, painful, half marathon after which I swore I'd never run again. After finally staggering over the finish line I burst into tears from sheer exhaustion and disbelief that I'd willingly put myself through that torment.
11/07/2017 17:34 BST

Why Long-Distance Friendships Are Worth Fighting For

This time two years ago, I was training for my first marathon and having a meltdown. The problem wasn't physical (although there were plenty of aches, pains and a stress fracture, oh joy), and I wasn't unduly stressed about the mammoth run I was about to undertake.
13/03/2017 16:50 GMT

How Learning To Love The Gym Eased My Anxiety

'Oh god, have you been at the gym <em>again</em>?' I arrive to dinner with friends carrying a tell-tale sports bag, and inwardly wince at their reactions. The joking 'you're obsessed' comments, the well-meaning but misplaced concern that I'm doing too much, and even worse, the implication hanging in the air that somehow my attendance at a spinning class makes them feel bad, or a bit lazy.
19/02/2017 18:15 GMT

Five Things I Learnt From Dry January

Waking up on New Year's Day, I actually believed I would. I felt determined, for the first time, to stick to a booze ban. I was slightly affronted by the number of people who mocked my plan, citing my Irishness, and usual love of 'a few drinks' as reasons why I couldn't possibly succeed.
31/01/2017 13:18 GMT

The Case For Flexitarianism - Why Cutting Down On Meat Makes Sense

I don't like the word flexitarian. It sounds pretentious and smug; I wouldn't blame anyone for rolling their eyes when they hear it. But for the purposes of description, that's what I have recently become, eating mostly vegetarian or vegan meals with meat, fish and dairy products as occasional treats.
25/01/2017 17:38 GMT

Yes, Chris Grayling, Cyclists Do Count As Road Users

Let's create a cycling - and pedestrian-friendly city. That doesn't mean penalising motorists, it means promoting cycling and protecting vulnerable road users so we can all get around safely. Having a transport secretary who acknowledges the right of cyclists to be on the road in the first place would be a good place to start.
16/01/2017 17:49 GMT

Why It's OK To Say 'I'm Happy'

I rarely vocalise this. That's not to say I'm an outwardly gloomy person - I'd like to think I'm cheerful enough most of the time. I just don't ever feel that it's appropriate to bang on to my friends or colleagues about the great things in my life.
11/01/2017 17:21 GMT