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Katy Gregory

Katy is a recent graduate of History of Art from the University of York

History of Art graduate from the University of York interested in issues surrounding the Middle East.

ISIL Making Millions From Looted Antiquities

In recent months, propaganda films showing extremists using sledgehammers and automatic gunfire to destroy remains of ancient civilisations have commanded swathes of media attention.
03/06/2015 10:15 BST

Far From the Madding Crowd: A Time Torn Story

This story about the meaning of true love, loss and grief as well as the complexity of human relationships is timeless. In this inspiring new take, Hardy's duo continue to share one of the most fascinating relationships in literature and on the big screen.
20/05/2015 11:17 BST

A Portrait of Rebecca: What Became of Pocahontas?

The couple's marriage was known as a "golden age" for both sides in the Virginian region. It brought eight years of peace before a second war from 1622 to 26. Although the English reported that she wished to remain with her new people, as a diplomatic figure for both sides, Rebecca still expressed concerned for the security of those she had left behind.
27/04/2015 10:23 BST