Katy Horwood

Writer and dating industry expert.

Katy Horwood writes an award winning blog, All Sweetness and Life, focusing predominantly on dating, sex & relationships. She is also co-founder of the London-based Introduction service, Four Letter Word
In her spare time, Katy flirts outrageously in the name of research, over-shares on Twitter, has been know to run the odd Marathon and is a complete liability after a few Dirty Martinis. 

The Seven Golden Rules of Dating Women in Their Thirties Cannot Afford to Ignore

I know, I know, you don't feel it, and we're all looking younger these days, but mother nature doesn't lie and, like it or not, you are beginning to swim in a pool of younger fish. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing (give me Angelina Jolie over Emma Watson any day) but it does mean you need to be realistic about the kind of men you're going for.
05/02/2016 10:27 GMT

13 Things You Discover About Beauty in Your Thirties

Your late thirties are a funny time of life. Not least of all with the social pressure to have a fantastic relationship, an established career and the same body you took for granted in your twenties. Whilst, undoubtedly, your thirties are still relatively young compared to what they used to be considered, it's still less the decade of decadence and more the decade of maintenance.
05/10/2015 17:14 BST

Where Did You Go? - Here's The Right Way to Wrap up a Relationship

Everything about dating is lazy these days and it's a pity, because the irony is, the more effort you put into a project, be it within a work context, when raising children, nurturing friendships or forming romantic relationships - the more return you're going to get.
04/09/2015 11:28 BST

Why Men Don't Fancy Big Women ... But Should

Sad to say that, the vast majority of men who I spoke to who were single and ready to date, refused to date 'fat girls'. Some disguised it as 'preferring girls to be fit' or 'wanting them to be in proportion' but we all knows what that means - find me skinny.
08/07/2015 16:18 BST

#GiveYourMoneyToWomen - Giving Feminism a Bad Name

I'm grateful and proud to be able to make my own money and not have to bully anyone else into giving it to me, literally or otherwise - #GiveYourMoneyToWomen is nasty and embarrassing coming from angry women hiding behind social media to fester over their apparent injustice in the world.
08/06/2015 11:35 BST

You Want an Easy Life? - Start Flirting

I flirt to get a seat on a busy train or to avoid a three deep queue at a bar, I use flirting as a way of connecting with people and yes, with my boss - because I can, it's fun, and seeing how easily men are manipulated by a double entendre about boobs never fails to amuse me.
05/06/2015 14:09 BST

Why Women in Their Thirties Need to Lower Their Expectations

When it comes to finding love, women in their thirties need to lower their expectations. They need to compromise, stop being so fussy and realise that the older you get the less of a position you are in to start making wild demands about what you expect from a partner. There, I've said it.
21/05/2015 12:26 BST

Why, When You Lie Online, You Are Only Fooling Yourself

Having online dated since time began, it is fair to say that I have had my fair share of both good and bad dates - as a by-product of this I am not someone who expects miracles, far from it in fact, I'm quite happy with half a lager and a packet of salted peanuts these days.
13/05/2015 11:32 BST

Is Saying 'I Do' the Reasons So Many Relationships Fail?

Some predict that marriage will soon be a thing of the past, and people will no longer see the need to legally bind themselves together. I find this unlikely. Most people don't marry because they fundamentally believe in the institution of marriage itself, they marry because it's the most socially acceptable way to 'keep someone'.
26/03/2015 11:57 GMT

Seven Signs You Are Dating a Player.

Men - you think you know them and are reading the signals correctly when suddenly, out of the blue, you realise that, who you thought you were dating, was a pure figment of your imagination - and that, actually, you know as much about men as you did when you were fourteen and fancied the boy who worked in the chippie on the corner.
06/03/2015 14:25 GMT

Why European Men Make Great Boyfriends

All is not lost however, despite English men being in short supply, mercifully, with London being the diverse mixing pot that it is, there is a welcome supply of Europeans relocating to the capital. Great for our economy, and more importantly, great for my sex life.
06/02/2015 12:11 GMT

The Things Women Do in Their Thirties When They Don't Have a Boyfriend

It is no surprise then, that in order to avoid becoming obsessed with ticking clocks, women of this age find other things to focus on as a way of detracting from the glaring reality of a potential life full of cats and over 50's bridge nights. Something else to think about, as it were, aside from weddings, children, regular sex, or the lack there of any of the above.
30/01/2015 15:40 GMT

The Difference Between French and English Women

Parisiennes aren't famed for their warm personalities and are, for the most part, considered by the rest of the world to be arrogant and unfriendly. I like to take this with a pinch of salt and whilst I wouldn't say it is totally unfounded I do think that there is little point in getting irritated by it. It is after all, the 'charm' of the city, is it not?
02/12/2014 12:08 GMT

Four Reasons to Delete Your Ex on Facebook

Breaking up used to be easy. A big argument, a few weeks of heartbreak - but essentially a clean break and a swift recovery. Nowadays, not so much. Regardless of whether you actually speak to an ex or not, the temptation to 'check in' on them is always there.
19/11/2014 11:04 GMT

Five Reasons to Love Your Fat Ass

I use the term 'fat ass' as a metaphor for the attributes about yourself which you wouldn't list as your favourite. Your small boobs, your fuzzy hair, your big feet, your glass eye (Ok, actually you're allowed not to love your glass eye) Your 'fat ass' unless recently acquired, is a part of you - as are the other things you dislike about your person.
13/11/2014 11:46 GMT

How to Pull - The Old-Fashioned Way

When out and about on a Friday night there are certain rules a girl would be well advised to follow in order to secure herself a snog at the end of the night. Good lighting, Rohypnol and 7 sambucas being my preferred short cuts as I get older, or for those of you young enough to still be bothered to put some genuine effort in, the following.
29/10/2014 13:42 GMT