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Katy Hull

Passionate about Skin Health. Founder of Treat the Skin You're in. Spiritual & Crystal Healer. Blogger. Mum of Two Little People. Animal Lover and Owned by Two Ragdoll Cats.

After 11 years flying the globe as a long haul Air Hostess, Katy made the switch over to the skin care and wellness industry.

Her skin had paid a high price for an amazing lifestyle of flying, parties and sun. Katy's skin was showing signs of prematurely ageing. It was this that became the catalyst of discovering products and a new healthier lifestyle that helped her reverse and repair the damage to her skin.

A passion had been ignited and Katy decided to study skin health. She has gained a level 4 qualification in Advanced Skin Science, awarded by the International Institute of Skin Health & Clinical Aesthetics. Her studies continue.

She has since founded her online business []
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You can find Katy writing on her personal blog over at Treat the Skin You're in. She has also contributed to Mind Body Green, Love-London and writes a monthly column at 50-Connect.

A spiritual girl at heart, she is a Spiritual Healer and also qualified in Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing.

A mother of two, Katy juggles her working life with her family life. She has recently rediscovered her passion for horse-riding.

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