Katy Cox

Professional cello player

Katy is a professional cellist and humour blogger at www.carryonkaty.com. She has played cello with every man and his dog- her favourites include Elton John, Take That and Michael Bublé...especially Michael as he is rather tasty.
She lives just outside London with her two little boys and her guitar-playing husband.
Katy loves ALL juices made from crushed grapes and is a passionate fan of the Big Mac...with extra pickles.
She blogs about her life as a musician, her kids, toilet roll holders and any topic that takes her fancy.
When she isn't playing her cello, she can be found scraping child vomit off her cardigan sleeves or cutting fish fingers into bite-sized pieces.
A Blog About

A Blog About Boobs

They've been the udders that have fed our children and are now the plump cushions for their sleeping heads. They've been squeezed, pumped, prodded and poked by babies, midwives and health visitors and because of this, they are now the floor-facing members of society. They have lost their fight against gravity and now hang their sad faces in defeat.
02/05/2016 18:16 BST
The Top Seven Poo-Poos That Your Child WILL Do

The Top Seven Poo-Poos That Your Child WILL Do Do!

There are countless parenting blogs out there covering a wealth of standard topics like breastfeeding, which pram is the best to buy and how to manage toddler tantrums etc, but no one seems to have covered the subject of poo.
14/01/2016 11:27 GMT
16 Things That Are Likely To Happen This

16 Things That Are Likely To Happen This Christmas

You will have to make a last-minute stop to a major supermarket to restock all of the Christmas booze and chocolates. You bought them last month on special offer and they have mysteriously vanished. This, you swear, will be the last time you step foot in Asda... until 27 December.
23/12/2015 11:36 GMT
How Toddlers Actually See

How Toddlers Actually See Christmas

He knows that he has to be good. He knows that if he forces down the broccoli, the mysterious pensioner may well squeeze down our non-existent chimney on Christmas eve and deliver him a Leappad Ultra and a scooter.
21/12/2015 20:15 GMT
Five Benefits of Being

Five Benefits of Being Middle-Aged

Twenty five minutes into the show, I grabbed the remote control in a frenzy and hit PAUSE. Carrie was straddling her new boyfriend on the armchair and he had his hands up her top and his tongue planted half way down her throat.
19/11/2015 10:44 GMT
The Top Four Toddler Tantrums... And How to Handle

The Top Four Toddler Tantrums... And How to Handle Them

Learning to manage our children's insufferable mood swings is essential and I have devised some effective strategies to help us through the lifetime of tormenting tantrums that awaits each and every one of us. Behold the four most common tantrums and how to handle them...
20/10/2015 17:58 BST
The Seven Inevitable Stages of Box-Set

The Seven Inevitable Stages of Box-Set Addiction

You decide to sign up to Netflix and watch an episode of this 'amazing' show just to have a little taste to see what it's like. What harm can it do? You press play. Seven hours later you notice the rays of the sun peeking through the gap in the living room curtains.
07/09/2015 12:45 BST
Back to School: The Nine Traumatic

Back to School: The Nine Traumatic Steps

Despite reaching your limits entertaining the kids day in and day out for six straight weeks (and feeling great comfort in knowing that this period is finally coming to an end), you realise that you have no idea whatsoever when school actually starts back. You know that it's sometime in early September... but that's about it.
26/08/2015 10:13 BST
Potty Training For

Potty Training For Dummies

Announce with great excitement that it's time to be a big boy/girl to your child. Jump up and down in the air like Tigger on speed as you whip open a Primark bag stuffed with brand new big boy/girl pants.
08/07/2015 17:04 BST
26 Signs That British Summertime Is

26 Signs That British Summertime Is Here

The sight of a wasp/bee/hornet makes you convulse and scream on impact like a deranged psychopath. You add a can of Raid to your weekly shopping order and feel mighty powerful taking out half of the insect population with one lingering blast of the can.
02/07/2015 17:33 BST
What If Our Kids Had Voted in the General

What If Our Kids Had Voted in the General Election?

I called my sister last week for a chat. Her 6 year old son Frank was still awake despite it being past 9 o'clock. It had been an 'eventful day' my sister said and he was 'glued to the playstation' and just wouldn't go to bed...
19/05/2015 13:34 BST
How to Get Wrinkles You'll Actually

How to Get Wrinkles You'll Actually Want!

It is no surprise that these days often come after you have been up ALL night because one of them wet the bed and the other one randomly burst into song at 4am. You may have been dealing with choppers coming through, unstoppable projectile vomit, raging temperatures or night terrors.
07/04/2015 14:23 BST

Prison Break

Having recently watched <em>Orange is the New Black</em> on Netflix, I can honestly say that a stint in prison at this moment in time would do me the world of good. Here's why.
27/03/2015 12:43 GMT
I'm Every

I'm Every Woman

They say Rome wasn't built in a day....but had it have been built by women, then I am confident that it would have been erected in a matter of hours. We are awesome.
09/03/2015 16:36 GMT
And the Award Goes

And the Award Goes to....

When I think of what I have given up: my freedom, my body, my youth, my sanity, my raw sexual magnitude and so on, I feel that I deserve at the very least to be thanked by those who have robbed me of these treasures.
24/02/2015 14:16 GMT
First Kiss, Last

First Kiss, Last Kiss

Preparation was key and like any teenage girl, I had been practising my necking skills for a good year in the lead up to this Valentines disco. I would regularly snog the bathroom mirror or clench my hand into a fist and pretend it was Jon Bon Jovi (or Gary Barlow).
13/02/2015 14:54 GMT
How to Stay Conscious for Long Enough to Raise Your

How to Stay Conscious for Long Enough to Raise Your Kids!

From the moment the baby was born, sleep went from being a luxurious necessity to becoming a figment of my imagination. It was something magical that once existed in my previous life that was now gone forever - just like Santa and the Tooth Fairy.
11/02/2015 17:17 GMT
Operation: School Run....Events occur in REAL

Operation: School Run....Events occur in REAL TIME

Operation 'Find the shoes' commences. Mum says 'Where are your shoes?'. Kid 1 replies ' I dunno. I dunno'. Kid 2 does not respond. His face is pressed up against the flat screen TV causing snot to smear across the front of his idol, Peppa Pig.
10/02/2015 12:19 GMT
What's The Worst That Could

What's The Worst That Could Happen?

I then started thinking about all of the things that trouble me about my child, all of the niggling worries that I have about his development, his health and well being. I realised that I'm worrying over absolutely NOTHING. My fears are simply outrageous.
29/01/2015 15:38 GMT