Kaushik Ray

Development finance lawyer, global urban nomad, sometime GQ columnist and self-confessed Eurovision obsessive

Kaushik Ray is a partner at Trinity International LLP, a boutique project and development finance practice based in the City of London. <br> <br> He writes about the energy and infrastructure markets in emerging markets and has contributed in the past to the Financial Times, its sister publication “This is Africa” and various legal publications. In his spare time he writes a regular column for GQ India, called Urban Nomad, focussing on his travels and experiences across the globe. <br> <br> His interests outside development finance include exploring race and diversity issues. <br> <br> Kaushik spends much of his spare time obsessing over Kylie Minogue and the annual Eurovision Song Contest and believes that such shallowness is the only refuge for the serious.
Eurovision 2017 - Ones To

Eurovision 2017 - Ones To Watch

Let's face it, nobody - neither record producers nor the record-buying public - is watching Eurovision looking for a global star.
08/05/2017 11:02 BST
Eurovision 2016: Ones to

Eurovision 2016: Ones to Watch

It's that time of the year again - cherry blossoms, the year's first barbeques and dusting off the summer wardrobe. That heady combination of fruitiness, big flaming whoppers and costume changes culminates neatly this week at the Eurovision Song Contest.
09/05/2016 19:59 BST
Did Wogan Really Ruin Eurovision for the

Did Wogan Really Ruin Eurovision for the UK?

Can we put this more recent decline down to Wogan? It hardly seems fair to pin it on one person and the dates show little correlation. However, Björkman's main point seems valid: that if as a country we see Eurovision as frivolous and odd, we're unlikely to send a serious artist (more to the point, a serious artist is unlikely to enter).
18/04/2016 13:09 BST
Soundtrack to a

Soundtrack to a Grexit

Drama and tragedy: Greek concepts, Greek words and the Greeks love them both. Yet to top them off, there's nothing that the average Greek loves more than a good song and dance. From the lyre to the bouzouki and all manners of drums and dancing in between, music is one part of an ancient culture that no Grexit can extinguish.
22/06/2015 16:03 BST
Eurovision 2015: Ones to

Eurovision 2015: Ones to Watch

Whatever your preference - anthemic Russians, operatic Italians or telegenic teens from Tel Aviv - you'll find something to whet your aural and visual tastes at Eurovision. Crack open a bottle this Saturday night (you'll need one!) and enjoy the festivities!
18/05/2015 22:12 BST
BBC Eurovision Selection - Time for Power to the

BBC Eurovision Selection - Time for Power to the People

As licence-fee payers, shouldn't we have a say in the artist and song that represents our country in an international competition? As consistently one of the highest-rated programes on television in the country in the whole year, shouldn't the lead-up programme be shown on a mainstream channel (rather than hidden behind the Red Button)?
08/03/2015 16:17 GMT
Eurovision 2014: Ones to

Eurovision 2014: Ones to Watch

Eurovision officially kicks off on Tuesday 6 May at 8pm UK time from Copenhagen with the first semi-final. To help you through the semis and Saturday's Grand Final, I've picked my ones to watch below...
08/05/2014 11:33 BST
Eurovision: War and Politics on Primetime

Eurovision: War and Politics on Primetime TV

Given Eurovision's conception and birth and its formative years took place in Western continental Europe, it is fair to say that Western Europe remains at its historical and cultural heart.
29/04/2014 15:06 BST
BBC Finally Takes Eurovision Seriously

BBC Finally Takes Eurovision Seriously Again

Molly Smitten-Downes is the artist (in these class-conscious pop days, she is being recast as the much more approachable "Molly" as though one earns a mono-nomic moniker with a debut song). Her song, "Children of the Universe" is being premiered via the BBC Red Button at 19.30 GMT on Monday 3rd March.
04/03/2014 15:14 GMT
Eurovision 2013 - Ones to

Eurovision 2013 - Ones to Watch

The annual celebration of all that is kitsch, camp and quirky in European music comes to our screens this Saturday at 8pm BST, from Malmö, Sweden. We've watched both semi-finals and as many rehearsals as we can to give you a taster of what to look out for (and when to take a loo/fag/cuppa break).
17/05/2013 17:34 BST
Should We Hold a Referendum on

Should We Hold a Referendum on Eurovision?

There's something peculiar about the UK's relationship with Europe. It's like an arranged marriage - seems a good idea on paper (interests aligned, status consolidated, families united). But then you get to know them. And sometimes love doesn't grow like they all said it would.
15/05/2013 17:48 BST
We've Shown the World We're

We've Shown the World We're Great

Just a few weeks ago, Britain was deep in the doldrums. A stagnant economy, morally and financially bankrupt banks, journalists and politicians and never-ending rain had over months and years slowly sapped the country of its spirit. Even the much-hyped Queen's Jubilee in June, with a somewhat flat river pageant and sometimes unremarkable concert, failed to lift the public mood.
10/08/2012 15:29 BST
Eurovision 2012 - Ones to

Eurovision 2012 - Ones to Watch

So - here we are.  After months of preparation, the annual kitsch-fest of sequins, divas and shrill voices (and that's just the fans) has kicked off in Baku, the oil-rich capital of Azerbaijan. Below are my tips for the top in this Saturday's final.
24/05/2012 09:08 BST
Eurovision 2012 - Come on and do the

Eurovision 2012 - Come on and do the Congo

In the past few years, countries traditionally seen as mono-cultural or ethnically homogenous have increasingly sent singers and songs to Eurovision that cross geographical and cultural boundaries.
25/04/2012 22:59 BST