Ken Livingstone

Former Mayor of London

Ken Livingstone was London’s first elected mayor from May 2000. An elected Mayor for the capital saw devolved government restored after fourteen years without a strategic authority and voice for London.

Born in Lambeth and now living in Cricklewood Ken Livingstone is a Londoner first and foremost.
London Will Not Be

London Will Not Be Divided

As Sadiq Khan said this week," Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism. We stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life. We always have, and we always will." Until the day I die, I will always be proud to have been mayor of this wonderful city and its people.
24/03/2017 10:35 GMT
Labour Is Right to Stand Up to McDonalds for the Sake of Working People and Their

Labour Is Right to Stand Up to McDonalds for the Sake of Working People and Their Unions

If Monday's decision to turn down a stand at Labour conference focuses attention on trade union non-recognition at McDonalds, it's worth it. As a letter this week in <em>The Guardian</em> from unions and others put it "We say to McDonald's: if you can rebrand so much in your stores, from store layout to children's meals, surely you can adapt your business model, with the mega profits generated by your workforce, to recognise your workers' union and meet with the BFAWU now."
22/04/2016 16:55 BST
Osborne's Budget Lacked a Vision for a Better

Osborne's Budget Lacked a Vision for a Better Future

The strong opposition that Labour is providing to Tory austerity - and the credible, coherent alternative that puts investment in our future at its core - makes this, and victory in 2020, possible. Then, if we create a better, balanced economy, our children and grandchildren can grow up in a world where things get better.
17/03/2016 19:08 GMT
In Just a Few Weeks, Corbyn Has Already Brought Significant Change to

In Just a Few Weeks, Corbyn Has Already Brought Significant Change to Labour

Corbyn has only been the leader of the Labour party for a few weeks but he has already delivered significant change in how politics is conducted and in the direction of travel of the Labour party. It would be easy, in the light of the froth and noise of minor controversies, to lose sight of just how profound the change has already been.
30/10/2015 09:50 GMT
Why Bristol's Mayor Vote

Why Bristol's Mayor Vote Matters

If Labour's Marvin Rees is elected Mayor of Bristol on Thursday I for one will be celebrating. It will be a good day for Bristol. Many more people outside that city will rightly be inspired by Marvin's election. Bristol is a major city, a lively, exciting place with a strong local character and an appeal to the best and the brightest. It is a city with enormous potential, hampered by the absence of a big-city vision at a municipal level.
12/11/2012 15:03 GMT
A 'Fare Deal' for

A 'Fare Deal' for Londoners

The problem with politics at the moment is people saying we can't do things. We can't hold down student fees, we can't hold down VAT, we can't keep EMA. I don't agree. More than ever we need to do things that help people ease the burden on their household expenditure and reduce the squeeze the great majority are feeling. I have been spending a day in every London borough as part of my Tell Ken tour. Across the city, what I hear most about is transport issues - and the spiralling cost of fares.
15/11/2011 23:46 GMT