Ken M Allen

Chief Executive Officer, DHL Express

Ken Allen has been a Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Post AG since February 2009 and is responsible for the EXPRESS division.

Before starting his current role he held the position of CEO DHL Express USA. Ken was tasked by the EXPRESS Management Board with the exit of the US division from the domestic express business. He was also responsible for containing losses, which had adversely impacted the division over the previous 5 years. To date the plan has been executed well with excellent service quality and above plan financial results.

Ken’s previous position was CEO DHL Express EEMEA (Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

As a current Member of the Deutsche Post AG Board of Management, Ken has extensive practical general management experience combined with specialist financial expertise. He has progressed through many different positions within the Group, starting with a variety of country finance roles in the Middle East and progressing to Regional Finance Director and Regional Managing Director of the Middle East, overlooking 52 countries. Ken’s achievements during this time include the launch of DHL Express’ extensive road network and the development of many of the airside facilities in the region.

In his last two years in Asia, Ken ran the STAR program and Integration Office, successfully absorbing the international Airborne business and realizing all targets with great success.

In 2004, after seven years in Asia, Ken was asked by Global Management to move to Canada where the business was experiencing acute financial losses and operating difficulties following a large domestic acquisition. In less than two years, Ken’s targeted approach to customers, people and numbers successfully turned the business around.

Ken is a British national born in 1955.