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This Poppy Protest Is An Empty Gesture

Wearing a poppy is, for some, a nice gesture. But if it's done mindlessly - poppies handed out on an armband as the players wait in the tunnel, just for show, just so they can be seen to be wearing one without the accompanying donation - it's essentially an empty gesture. As empty as the outrage over the ban.
03/11/2016 15:59 GMT

The Horrible Reality Of Grammar Schools

Grammar schools are a step backwards in my opinion. They don't improve social mobility, they don't benefit poor kids and they don't value children in the right way for the things that are really important. I hope the government takes off its rose-tinted glasses and sees these plans for what they are, before it's too late.
12/09/2016 09:08 BST

In Praise of the Difficult Woman

Theresa May, we're now aware, is a "bloody difficult woman". Or so Ken Clarke says anyway. He was caught on camera discussing the Tory party leadership candidates with his old chum Sir Malcolm Rifkind, on Tuesday. He chuckled as he added: "But then you and I worked for Margaret Thatcher..."
08/07/2016 13:23 BST