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Kiesha Meikle

Journalist, blogger and communications specialist

Kiesha Meikle is a Journalist, Blogger and Communications Specialist. Kiesha launched as a platform for women to share their stories. StyleAble is now a popular destination for lifestyle related features, advice and real life stories. StyleAble has been featured on BBC Radio 4, Boots Magazine, Pos'Ability Magazine and is featured regularly on UK Radio stations. Kiesha is also the founder of, a network which brings bloggers and brands together.
Escape Spas in the

Escape Spas in the City

If you often feel the need to get away, only to realise that you don't have the are not alone. Despite a recent survey finding Brits now more likely to holiday abroad, many of us are still feeling the effects of the economic slump and are staying put this year.
06/10/2014 15:53 BST
Blogging at the Notting Hill

Blogging at the Notting Hill Carnival...

For those of you who missed out on the Notting Hill Carnival this year, you missed out on an absolute corker! There was the odd bit of trouble, drunken behaviour and an alarming number of butt cheeks on display - and I don't mean the performers.
27/08/2014 13:26 BST
Why I Am Going to the Notting Hill

Why I Am Going to the Notting Hill Carnival...

The carnival has changed. For my parents, it was a place where they could assert their duality - as Jamaicans living in England. For me and my sibling, it was an opportunity to wave a Jamaican flag alongside others, whilst pretending we were in the Caribbean. Now, the carnival feels like a great big raucous party.
20/08/2014 14:27 BST
A Guide to London

A Guide to London Eating...

I love London, almost as much as I love food - luckily for me, the two go hand in hand. In fact, the best thing about living in London is the sheer unparalleled variety when it comes to dining out. Rarely do I ever turn down the offer to try a new restaurant or pop-up.
23/07/2014 15:05 BST
A Sensory Adventure to Alice in

A Sensory Adventure to Alice in Wonderland...

I always knew that going on holiday with my good friend Linn would be an absolute blast. We like the same things and have the same weird sense of humour. I have always been a very visual person; I love scenery and usually snap everything in sight.
17/06/2014 14:46 BST
It's National Vegetarian Week! Go Eat a

It's National Vegetarian Week! Go Eat a Burger...

Across London, the veggie burger is being given a delicious new lease of life and there are a few eateries who are leading the way in this resurrection. So, for the last few weeks I have been eating my way around town, searching for the very best veggie burgers London has to offer.
20/05/2014 12:09 BST
Wanderlust: 'My Life of

Wanderlust: 'My Life of Travel'

If I wasn't travelling, I think I would explode! Well, not really, but if I wasn't travelling I would definitely feel lost. Wanderlust is something some people have ingrained in their very soul and they cannot ignore it, no matter how hard they try.
28/04/2014 13:58 BST
From Prada to Prayer

From Prada to Prayer "How I Went From Consumerism to Buddhism"

For some reason, I seem completely unable to enjoy the present moment without planning or starting my next move 'forward'. I find it very difficult to just be in the now. There are just so many distractions and if I am honest, most of them are unnecessary and self enforced.
03/03/2014 14:58 GMT
I Suffered Third Degree Burns But Rose From the

I Suffered Third Degree Burns But Rose From the Ashes

Having them remove the mirrors was actually a blessing because I became more focused on feeling better than looking better. I actually feel ashamed at how superficial I was. I was grieving the loss of my identity and my life as I knew it, as a part of me had died. I literally woke up as a new person, a burn survivor.
05/02/2014 14:31 GMT