Kimberley Burbidge

Life-embracing mother, marketeer and globetrotter (recently diagnosed with cancer) committed to sharing candid, often raw, insights on life

A secretly aspiring writer, Kimberley has recently turned to blogging and a recent diagnosis of bowel cancer has left her with ample fodder to consider.

Her take on life is upbeat, raw, full of dark humour and a smattering of emotion. Her latest blog 'My take on being grateful' is a courageous attempt to find the silver lining in even the darkest clouds.

In recent years (whilst also learning to parent two young children), she has been committed to working on the set up of 'business disability international,' a not-for-profit focused on encouraging global business to collaborate and to change their practice and attitudes to disability, thus catalysing broader social change around the world.

Prior to that, Kimberley spent a successful decade in the corporate world pursuing a career in marketing and strategy, predominantly in pharma, with a touch of FMCG and finance thrown in for good measure.
What Does It Take To See The

What Does It Take To See The Light?

You would think that life changing experiences were potentially defined by their rarity. By a stand out quality or uniqueness that makes them exquisite and precious by virtue of them being one of a kind. An experience for you alone.
16/01/2017 17:10 GMT
A Letter To My Body On The Eve Of

A Letter To My Body On The Eve Of Chemotherapy

I promise to do my best to eat well, however little I may want to. I will adhere to the practical insights of chemo survivors. Above all I will keep warm. Peripheral neuropathy, in which the nerves at the extremities of the body, fingers and toes, are attacked is very common with my type of chemo, oxaliplatin
06/12/2016 16:50 GMT
Seeing Is Believing. A Desire To Personify My

Seeing Is Believing. A Desire To Personify My Cancer

Cancer feels to me like a faceless foe. People talk of fighting, and beating cancer, but how can you fight what you cannot comprehend or see? At some point soon my fight will involve chemotherapy; transparent, toxic and potent fluids committed to fighting for me.
18/11/2016 17:20 GMT
Trump War With Peace, Misery With Joy and

Trump War With Peace, Misery With Joy and #Trumphatewithlove

If we all do something, anything, each and every day to show that hatred and division will never rule in our own lives, this mountain of small and arguably prosaic acts of humanity, cannot but inspire others to follow suit...and then, maybe then, Trump will be rendered impotent and will get back in his box.
11/11/2016 12:59 GMT