Kirsty Hanly

Kirsty Hanly is an Inspiring Lives Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Kirsty Hanly is a Coach, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, writer and speaker based in Harley Street, London, England where she works face-to-face and online with clients from all over the world who want to let go of the things that hold them back from experiencing greater success, healthier relationships, deeper connection and more inspiration in their lives.

"I believe that all people have the capacity to live an inspired and inspiring life. I work with individuals who know in their heart that more is possible when they connect further to themselves, to others and learn to live into their deeper potential and purpose."

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How To Unstick Yourself From Life's Problems

Stuck is a word that often gets talked about by people who approach coaches and therapists like me. It's a big problem and heck, I often feel stuck in aspects of my life too - it's a chronic human condition. Luckily there's much that can be done. If you're feeling it, or have ever felt it, read on!
16/03/2017 15:52 GMT

Creating a More Compelling Story of Your Life

My question to you today is, If you were to go through the stories that have made up your experience, what genre would you classify each of them as and is that classification helpful to you?
11/02/2016 13:46 GMT

Success Through Connection - Or How to Find Magic in Your World

I see it every day. The people I work with create incredible change in their lives leading to more fulfilled relationships, greater business and financial success and a more wonderful, empowered sense of happiness than they previously have thought possible.
10/08/2015 09:29 BST

Why It's So Important to Lean Into Your Fears

The job of our unconscious mind is to keep us safe and protected - to keep us out of the way of potentially life threatening situations. Fear in these situations is obviously very useful, but the trouble is that our minds often connect up what should actually be neutral situations to something it perceives is harmful to us.
19/08/2014 17:59 BST

There Really Can Be Beauty in a Mid-Life Crisis

What do you think when you hear the term mid-life crisis? A quick survey amongst a few of my friends and colleagues brought up, fast cars, affairs with 22 year olds, crisis and difficulties - quite a negative opinion.
26/06/2014 14:44 BST

Are You Addicted to 'Virtual' Approval?

In this age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. we are increasingly living our lives through the eyes (and comments) of other people. Have you ever stopped to think about how and what this means to you on a personal, emotional level? If someone 'Likes' your post does that give you a boost? Is your sense of self dependent on how many virtual 'friends' or re-tweets you have?
31/01/2014 16:44 GMT

Finding the Success in Rejection

Without even thinking about how we are approaching life we often take the route that keeps us feeling secure and protected. Many people just keep things the way they are because they are familiar. Our brains like familiar - familiar feels safe.
30/09/2013 10:18 BST

Is 'All or Nothing' Thinking Bringing You Down?

I often advise my clients to focus on the smallest of changes that they can make, as doing anything more than nothing is progress in the right direction. It's not the once in a while, big things that will create the biggest positive changes to your life, but a collection of little and often.
09/04/2013 16:59 BST

Okay, Time to 'Fess Up - How Many Diets Have You Tried?

Generally, if you're overweight, there's a reason for it, and it's not just as simple as not eating the cake, otherwise you'd have done it by now, right? People who've been on a diet are 'experts' in their field.
12/10/2012 00:38 BST

Give Us Some Good News, Please?

In my work as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I see so many people in states of acute anxiety, depression and stress. One of the things that really makes a difference (and research widely supports this) is getting the unconscious mind to focus on the positives around us.
14/09/2012 12:11 BST

Achieving the Edge: What We Can Learn From our Summer of Sport

What makes this season interesting for me, as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach, is watching the performances of all those competitors. What gives those at the top of their game the edge? Do you ever think about what makes the difference between someone who is performing at their peak and someone who isn't?
18/07/2012 17:18 BST

Who Decides Your Happiness?

Have you ever felt that other people are holding you back? That the things or people around you are the reason for you being unhappy? Or perhaps that it's because of the train or bus running late that you are having a bad day. Have you ever considered that all this is a matter of perception?
18/06/2012 18:13 BST

Spring Clean Your Life - Living Deliberately

In the 21st Century we can live such busy lives that it's very easy to lose awareness of the ability we all have to control our emotions, our state of mind and the skill of planning for happiness. Rather than just letting life happen to you, how much better might it be to consciously steer it, through your actions, thought and feelings, in a more positive direction?
08/03/2012 22:28 GMT

Are You Feeling Sleepy? The Effects of Stress on Sleep Patterns

Sstatistics show that 25% of the population of the UK suffer from a sleep disorder of one kind or another, resulting in them feeling tired during the daytime. Astonishingly, that's one quarter of everyone out there. Luckily though, many of these can be cured relatively easily through the right emotional and lifestyle adjustments.
07/02/2012 22:30 GMT

New Year, New You? How to Stick to Your 2012 Resolutions

It is true that many people end up putting the same resolutions on their list year after year and not making it much past the end of January before they are broken. If this resonates with you, how great would it be to achieve your resolutions during 2012 and not experience that groundhog day moment when you're writing your list next year?
02/01/2012 19:59 GMT

How Can We Avoid the Stress of Christmas Present?

For many people Christmas and the run up to it can be a really stressful time. There are presents to be bought, the kids are on holiday and need to be entertained, huge meals are to be cooked, finances juggled to pay for it all, and to top it off we are expected to have lots and lots of FUN!
08/12/2011 23:52 GMT