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Kris Griffiths

Writer, DJ, guitar-slinger & pool shark

Kris Griffiths is a journalist whose articles have appeared in national and international outlets including BBC, The Independent, VICE and Esquire. Away from the writing desk Kris is a talented guitar-slinger, DJ and pool shark, and also won 'Pointless' in 2015.
Gary Numan: The Original Paranoid

Gary Numan: The Original Paranoid Android

It was an honour for myself to find out where Gary's own head was at in an interview 25 years on from my first experience of him, and to discover what a cordial and unpretentious interviewee he was, notwithstanding his decades of experience in a cut-throat music business that has beaten him down as much as it has elevated him.
23/08/2016 11:05 BST
The Slow Demise of the Charity Shop

The Slow Demise of the Charity Shop Experience

Charity shops have been good to me over the years. At least half of my book and record collection, and a quarter of my wardrobe, can trace their lineage to Oxfams and Sue Ryders across the land.
04/07/2016 11:45 BST
'The Intense Humming Of Evil' - Experiencing

'The Intense Humming Of Evil' - Experiencing Auschwitz

After reading and watching so much about it over the years it doesn't feel real until you're physically there, amid the bleak smokestacks and barbed-wire fences sprawled over hundreds of acres of barren land.
27/01/2015 15:30 GMT
Interview with Jason

Interview with Jason Roberts

Roberts on his career highs and lows, encompassing his eventful tenures at Wigan and Reading, scoring at Highbury and almost signing for QPR. Interviewed at his Foundation headquarters in hometown Stonebridge.
13/11/2014 15:48 GMT
A Week With Google

A Week With Google Glass

It was during a Metallica gig at O2 Arena in 2008 that I first witnessed a live artist lose patience with the cameraphone brigade - frontman James Hetfield pausing to tell everyone in the immediate crowd to "put your f***ing cameras and phones away, and just enjoy the show ok?".
22/10/2014 12:43 BST