Kriti Sharma

VP Bots an AI at Sage. Speaker on diversity in tech and ethics of AI.

Kriti Sharma is VP of bots and AI at Sage. She was recently named in Forbes magazine's 30 under 30. She built her first robot at the age of 17, designed to bring chocolates to its controller. The software bots she works on at Sage today are designed to helping business builders do less admin, and more of what they love.

Sharma is a trailblaser for smart machines that work and react like humans to help to make business admin invisible. Sharma is the creator of Pegg, the world's first accounting chatbot, launched to market in 2017 which now boasts users in 135 countries.
Ethics And AI: The Key To Building Trust And

Ethics And AI: The Key To Building Trust And Empowerment

There is a lot we still do not know about AI and its current application is somewhat juvenile in comparison to its infinite potential. One thing we do know is that the impact of AI is global. We are now sitting on the edge of the fourth industrial revolution and cannot take for granted the opportunity that presents itself.
06/11/2017 13:01 GMT
Why This Is The Summer Of Artificial

Why This Is The Summer Of Artificial Intelligence

I'm calling it - we're in the Summer of Artificial Intelligence. Ok, it might not sound as glamorous as the Summer of Love or Bryan Adams' Summer of '69, but it's just as seminal - if not more so.
13/08/2017 21:16 BST