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Kumail Jaffer

20, PPE Undergrad, Labour, Socialist. Focus on UK/US.

PPE Undergrad at Warwick University/University of Waterloo. Writing from a leftist slant, focus on UK and US domestic policy with some foreign affairs thrown in. Labour Party Member and Activist. Also a writer for Keakie, Fresh Press Media. Previously at The Dial.
Corbyn: In No Man's

Corbyn: In No Man's Land?

Labour, under Corbyn, stands for nationalised rail services, public healthcare and education, and numerous other popular policies that reverberate with the people. Through correct political strategy and effective sloganing, there's no doubt Labour will recoup the disillusioned masses - but change needs to start with Corbyn.
06/03/2017 13:11 GMT
Hope To Reality: Goodbye,

Hope To Reality: Goodbye, Barack

As Obama gave his farewell speech, many across the political spectrum watched in nostalgia as the first black President of the United States bowed out, giving way to the...entity that is Donald Trump. Of course, 2008 to 2016 signified a period of time where the mistakes of the past were learned from: the US didn't intervene to devastating effect in foreign nations, Guantanamo Bay was closed, and the working class was allowed to flourish.
12/01/2017 12:19 GMT
Presidential Debates Ignore The American

Presidential Debates Ignore The American People

The three debates reflected a microcosm of American media - frame a narrow spectrum to them all their lives, and people will rarely think outside of it. Ask yourself this, especially if you will vote on November 8th - does America need a new brand of alt right nationalism? A rise in anger towards the immigrants who only work to benefit the countries that house them? Or does it need more of the same? More flawed foreign policy, more bowing to the corporate and banking worlds?
20/10/2016 14:07 BST
Sadiq Khan - A Triumph of

Sadiq Khan - A Triumph of Sorts

The election of Sadiq Khan is a breath of fresh air in a political system plagued by neoliberal orthodoxy and corruption through private interests. While not the ideal candidate to nail down London as the land of Corbyn, his win, for the left, was certainly a triumph - of sorts.
17/05/2016 11:04 BST
Feel the

Feel the Bern

No one ever thought Sanders would get this far, and there are 49 more chances for Bernie to eek out a victory in what should be an extremely close Primary. How the Establishment would sweat at the thought of a Bernie-Jeremy partnership.
05/02/2016 14:29 GMT
Jez We

Jez We Can!

One's place at the table becomes contingent on this label regardless of its truth, and nuanced debate and argument to moderation both suffer when your credibility hinges on whether you are viewed as such a representative, as opposed to either the veracity of this claim, or indeed the merit of your arguments, which should be the sole criterion in an equal and meritocratic society.
06/08/2015 11:48 BST
The Detriment of

The Detriment of TTIP

Negotiations for the TTIP (and TPP) have been very secretive, and you have to wonder why. If the deal was public, if investigative journalists were able to spread knowledge about this deal, protests would ensue from the awareness of possible detriment...
06/07/2015 11:00 BST
Russell Brand Isn't the Solution, But He Is a Stepping Stone Towards

Russell Brand Isn't the Solution, But He Is a Stepping Stone Towards Change

Russell Brand, poor Essex lad turned Comedian and Actor, remains a divided figure throughout the electorate; YouGov's poll in November 2014 showed that 46% of Britons had a negative view of Brand, compared to 13% who felt positively about the comedian. However, one cannot deny he has inspired thousands to question the current system we are living under...
09/01/2015 15:09 GMT