Larissa Pelham

Food security advisor at CARE International UK

Larissa Pelham is responsible for providing technical and operational support, research, policy and advocacy across CARE’s work on food security. Based within the Climate Change and Food Security team at CARE UK, she works across the range of CARE’s food security, integrating livelihoods, social protection and climate change approaches and programming. Her background is in Development and Economics with experience across Asia and a particular focus on Africa. Prior to CARE she was Social Protection Specialist at the World Bank. Her working career has spanned the EU, NGOs, multilateral institutions and major philanthropic donors, collaborating on a range of programmes and publications, predominantly focusing on safety nets and cash transfers for food and livelihood security. Larissa began work for CARE in Ethiopia 17 years ago, and has now returned to the UK to focus on ensuring the quality and impact of CARE’s food security work. CARE is a member and current chair of the UK Hunger Alliance, a DFID-NGO consortium which harnesses the expertise of ten leading aid and development agencies to address food insecurity and undernutrition, and to promote predictable long-term responses to food insecurity.