Laura Bennett

Masters student, dog enthusiast and professionally flustered

23 year old Masters psychology student doing far too much with not enough time. Passionate about mental health advocacy, social justice, animal rights and ending inequality. Need to learn to practice what I preach. Need to also learn to write acceptable bios about myself.

The Insidious And Misguided Shame Imposed Onto Sexual Assault Survivors

Though it may feel as though society is moving forward, that rape convictions are increasing and that young people are educated on consent more than ever, there is still an insidious force lingering within our fundamental societal constructs, projecting misguided shame and even potentially contributing to the perpetuation of minuscule rates of reporting violent crime and sexual offences.
06/07/2017 20:18 BST

Eating Disorder Recovery Is Possible. I'm Running The Marathon To Prove It.

If you relate to any of this, know that <em> it is possible</em> to recover, to rediscover balance, there are things in place to help you and I know it's a scary step to take but I am living proof that you won't regret it; there is no shame in asking for help and no greater strength than the overcoming of inner turmoil.
02/03/2017 17:08 GMT