Laura Cress

TV Development Researcher and Journalist

In her spare time Laura enjoys attending film and tv events in and around London, the more experimental the better! Her life is made up of writing, list making, interviewing, editing, and the occasional indulgence in Mad Men/Breaking Bad/The Killing/any and every boxset available. She works in Development for a TV production company in Soho and when not coming up with strange ideas, puts her energy into her new website which covers independent filmmakers and musicians.
'Grudge Match' Film Review - Punches Below Its

'Grudge Match' Film Review - Punches Below Its Weight

It's De Niro versus Stallone. It's Raging Bull rumbling with Rocky. It's a film which no one thought needed to be made, but which, by sheer willpower and determination alone, overcame all the odds to win our hearts, enrich our spirits, and restore our faith in America once again. Well, not quite.
24/01/2014 13:13 GMT
The Watch Review - Just What Does This Film Want To

The Watch Review - Just What Does This Film Want To Be?

Perhaps it's the various changes of actors, plot and title that "The Watch" went through before being brought to the cinema, but something about this comedy seems to be suffering from Jason Bourne syndrome - in that it just isn't quite sure what on earth it really is.
21/08/2012 09:00 BST
True Love - Are All Men Cheaters and All Women

True Love - Are All Men Cheaters and All Women Weak?

"I'm sorry" is a phrase that gets used in BBC 1's four part series <em>True Love</em> twice in two episodes - and both times it's used by men to their wives after cheating on them with another woman.
19/06/2012 10:57 BST
Goodbye Lane, Good Luck

Goodbye Lane, Good Luck Peggy

SPOILERS - DO NOT read ahead unless you have watched Episode 12 of Mad Men Season 5! The last two episodes of Mad Men before the finale have seen two main characters of the great Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office (which almost became Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Harris nee Holloway Cosgrove in the penultimate episode) bow out.
07/06/2012 10:37 BST
Stop Getting Bond...

Stop Getting Bond... Right?

In a passionate plea, Alan Partridge once shouted at his confused guests "Stop getting Bond wrong!" <em>Skyfall</em> looks like it's going to fulfil this demand and more besides - so for the 50th anniversary of the martini lover can Mendes manage to pull out the best Bond since <em>Goldeneye</em>?
21/05/2012 12:13 BST
Lane Pryce vs Pete Campbell - Who's Going to Get Dropped From Mad

Lane Pryce vs Pete Campbell - Who's Going to Get Dropped From Mad Men?

Signal 30, the fifth episode of Mad Men Season saw Pete Campbell back in the spotlight, only to get knocked down, or really punched down, again by that good ol' toothy Brit, Lane Pyrce. It appears to me that this fight wasn't just a business meeting gone horribly wrong, but the writers presenting to us a very possible likelihood that either Pete or Lane will be gone before the season is out.
18/04/2012 12:05 BST
Mad Men Season Five Episode Four - Mystery Date

Mad Men Season Five Episode Four - Mystery Date Review

This week's Mad Men preyed upon themes similar to those we've seen before in the series, but what it did so deftly was work upon them until they were something new entirely. Whether it was Don's vivid, shocking dreams or the image of both Aunt Geraldine and Sally passed out from downing some Seconal, there was something quite hallucinogenic about "Mystery Date".
11/04/2012 13:14 BST
Mad Men Minus Melancholy =

Mad Men Minus Melancholy = Meaninglessness

We've all had plenty of time to digest the first showing of <em>Mad Men</em> Season Five on Tuesday, an episode that is doomed to be forever referred to as 'The One With <em>Zou Bisou Bisou</em>'.
02/04/2012 10:55 BST
Expectations for Mad Men Season

Expectations for Mad Men Season Five

With the Bob Dylan CD on repeat, everyone practising their long, meaningful stares with cigarettes, and Google hits for 'Old Fashioned recipe' increasing at an alarming rate, you know it can only mean one thing - that's right, it's almost the beginning of another season of <em>Mad Men</em>.
25/03/2012 19:56 BST