Laura Powell-Corbett

Parenting Blogger reporting on tales from the sandpit

Laura is a 30-something stay at home mum of 2 little boys.

Moving from London to the desert otherwise known as Dubai in 2013 leaving the corporate world behind she is now a full time mummy. In her spare time she can be found over at Life with Baby Kicks where she blogs about family life as they navigate their way through expat living.
How the Bedtime Story Really Goes

How the Bedtime Story Really Goes Down

Before I had children I had this image in my head of what a bedtime story would look like, it would be filled with sleepy, milky children, snuggles and complete silence as they lay captivated on my every word. Every word. All of them. The reality however is a little bit different...
08/08/2016 13:18 BST
I Will Never Know... Caesarean Awareness Month

I Will Never Know... Caesarean Awareness Month 2016

Both my boys were born by emergency c-section. Both births were filled with drama for different reasons. Both births lives were at stake, both theirs and mine. But then, after the dramatics of my emergency c-section with the Baby the husband put his foot down and said no more babies.
18/04/2016 20:18 BST
Motherhood: You Are Not

Motherhood: You Are Not Alone

I've just found parenting these past few weeks really, really tough. I know that it will pass. I know that the good outweighs the bad. But the one thing that really made me feel better was the big hug my friend gave me. And the words she spoke
12/02/2016 17:50 GMT
Disgusting Things I Do Now I'm a

Disgusting Things I Do Now I'm a Mum

I knew that becoming a mum would change my life. Having small people dependent on you kind of does that. What I didn't realise was that having kids would make me DISGUSTING. I thought I had standards. I was wrong. I don't.
07/02/2016 21:16 GMT
Dear Santa... A List From an Exhausted

Dear Santa... A List From an Exhausted Mum

You see Santa, I seem to have lost the ability to sleep soundly. One which I had spent years practicing. I used to be so good at it. Sleeping through the loudest of bangs whereas now? Now the slightest sniff out of place jolts me from my slumber.
21/12/2015 10:34 GMT
The Reasons Why My Three Year Old Isn't

The Reasons Why My Three Year Old Isn't Sleeping

Dear Mummy. Well you didn't think I was going to let my baby brother have all the glory now did you?  I mean he's a baby so his reasons for not sleeping are, well, baby-ish. Mine though? Mine are a little different, because you see Mummy, I am a big boy now.
30/11/2015 20:00 GMT
Junior Contract

Junior Contract #Notsafenotfair

You get sick on Christmas? You go see a doctor. You get sick at 3am at night? Doctor. Your child falls out a tree and breaks his arm on a Sunday morning, yep, you guessed it Doctor. And in each case chances are a "junior" doctor.
25/10/2015 13:28 GMT
Why I'm Saying No to Halloween Costumes This

Why I'm Saying No to Halloween Costumes This Year

The costume dilemma has moved on from when I was a child, you wore a Halloween costume if you went trick or treating, no trick or treating no costume. <strong>And </strong>that Halloween costume was a plastic witches hat with synthetic hair from the corner shop and a black bin bag over your clothes. Voila a witch.
19/10/2015 20:11 BST
How to Play Musical

How to Play Musical Beds

The Husband makes his way, slowly and creakily up the stairs, pops his head in and sees there is no space in the bed (I am sure that he welcomed that sight) with me in a strange yoga-like position across the middle due to the baby being attached to the boob and the toddler requiring my hair as a comfort blanket.
04/10/2015 19:56 BST
Dear Mummy, I'm Not Sleeping

Dear Mummy, I'm Not Sleeping Because...

You see Mummy, there are a million and one reasons that I won't go to sleep from room temperature to tummy troubles to itchy labels and cold sheets. Then there are a million more why I wake when you put me down. There's no magic formula.
04/09/2015 12:02 BST
Ten Lessons That Motherhood Has Taught

Ten Lessons That Motherhood Has Taught Me

Toddlers have selective hearing, they will not hear you bellowing their name telling them TO COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW. NO I AM NOT JOKING. I AM COUNTING TO THREE..... ONE, TWO..... TWO AND A HALF... but they will hear you from three rooms away when you try to sneak a piece of chocolate.
21/08/2015 17:23 BST
Dads Don't Get Enough

Dads Don't Get Enough Credit

It's my husband who is helping me up and down the stairs, in and out of the shower, cooking every meal, washing every dish, helping me up from the sofa, being chief chauffeur, doing all the shopping, handing me Baby Boy when I can't bend and lift, settling the toddler next to me for cuddles whilst trying to mind my scar.
09/08/2015 18:33 BST
An Open Letter to Formula

An Open Letter to Formula Feeders

You decided you wanted to formula feed from birth because you were ready to get your body back? Great. Good for you and while you're at it get your other half involved in the night feeds because they no longer have the excuse that they aren't lactating.
23/07/2015 17:23 BST
10 Things I Love About

10 Things I Love About Breastfeeding

To the random mum on the street I've never met - I don't care about how you feed your baby all I care is that you do feed your baby. I don't care that you don't care how I feed mine, but let me assure you mine is fed (and fed and fed and fed but that's another story.)
16/07/2015 12:37 BST
How to Know You're Suffering From Second Child Guilt

How to Know You're Suffering From Second Child Guilt Syndrome

When I had my first baby I was one of THOSE purists. My child was never going to watch TV, he would never eat anything that wasn't home made or organic, and he certainly would never ever grace the doors of McDonalds despite his mothers love of all things Big Mac shaped. Then I had my second child.
29/06/2015 23:11 BST
11 Types of Mum You Meet at Baby

11 Types of Mum You Meet at Baby Group

Having held the title "Mummy" for just over two and a half years I have been around the block with the baby groups and coffee mornings.  Probably even more so given the fact I emigrated when the Toddler was six months old and all the work I had put into meeting Mum friends had to be re-done.
22/06/2015 10:20 BST
Ten Signs I Am a

Ten Signs I Am a Breastfeeder

My nipples, well let's just say they won't live up to their pre-feeding glory days #ginormous. Neither will my boobs, apart from that one glorious day that mymilk came in when I had "Pammy" boobs.
03/06/2015 15:21 BST