Laura Price

Yorkshire lass kicking breast cancer in the ass

Single, childless and unable to hold a relationship for longer than a few months without royally messing up, I was the Bridget Jones of Yorkshire, looking forward to my 30th birthday about as much as I wanted to see another set of ex-boyfriend wedding pictures on my Facebook newsfeed. Life wasn’t looking too great.

Then, just as I started planning my next big adventure, I found a lump in my breast. It was the big, scary ‘C’ word: Cancer. Several months on, I can add ‘bald, half-boobed, possibly infertile and living with parents at 30’ to my lonely heart ad. But it’s not all that bad. I decided to start a blog, and it’s better therapy than any drug.

When I’m not busy karate-chopping cancer to the floor and leaving it cowering in the corner, I can usually be found reading, writing, watching films, stuffing my face with food or running marathons (fortunately the latter cancels out the former). I previously worked as a news correspondent in Brazil and Argentina and have spent much of the last 12 years living, breathing and eating Latin America.

Here you can read about my regular trips to the day spa – oops, I mean hospital – for chemotherapy treatment and my daily dealings with blue-dyed nipples, constipation and other weird and embarrassing stuff they forget to tell you about cancer.

Why I'm Trekking Across Iceland for CoppaFeel

Cancer is a marathon. You have to be positive to get through it. You'll probably start feeling a lot of pain around mile 20, but you know if you reach the finish line, you'll feel so elated, so full of joy and pride and sense of achievement, that it'll all be worth it.
08/04/2016 16:33 BST

Timelapse Video of 18 Months of Hair Growth After Chemotherapy

For the last year and a half, I have taken a photo of myself almost every day using an app to track my hair growth. I started three months after chemo finished, which is why I look like a baby chick in the initial pics. I also went make-up free in all the photos so that I could track my eyelash and eyebrow growth - a whole year of no make-up selfies, if you will.
22/06/2014 23:37 BST

Is 30 Too Old to Start Again?

Last summer, I did my first (unpaid) internship at a magazine. I turned 31 during the placement - older than a lot of my colleagues at the magazine and not much younger than the editor. In many ways, it was one of the best things I ever did.
07/01/2014 12:45 GMT

Real Cancer Awareness and Why We Are More Than Pink

There is nothing wrong with pink, and I am 100% supportive of breast cancer awareness, being a survivor myself. But there is a growing sense in the cancer world that so-called Pinkification and Pinkwashing are trivialising the disease.
16/10/2013 09:11 BST

Dating After Cancer: Single, Bald, Female (30) Seeks...

The question was how to advertise myself. You see, an Internet dating profile is like a CV. Just as you have to find a way to explain the massive cancer-shaped hole in your resumé, you also have to think about how to factor your illness into future relationships.
08/07/2013 17:25 BST

Coping With Cancer's Ugly Sister: Guilt

Of all the feelings you expect to go through when you're diagnosed with this deadly disease, guilt is not top of the list. Yet almost all the fellow cancer survivors I've met since my diagnosis say they've felt guilt to some degree.
22/04/2013 17:19 BST

Will My Diet Stop Cancer Coming Back?

If I sound confused, it's because I am. Largely because the doctors disagree with the nutritionists. All my oncologists say I should follow a healthy, balanced diet - that's fairly obvious - but none of them have recommend giving up sugar or dairy.
08/01/2013 23:23 GMT

Ten Things I Like About Cancer

The whole experience has brought me closer to my family, it's made me reassess what I want from life and it has made me appreciate how lucky I am for everything I've got. And all I've lost is a bit of boob.
30/11/2012 17:55 GMT

My Chemotherapy Diary: Part III - The Ice Torture

Unfortunately, I get myself all worked up before the session and feel sick by association - just the sight and smell of the hospital make me retch and I have to whip my wig off lest I puke all over it. (Advantages of Wigs #103: You don't need anyone to hold your hair back when you're sick.)
22/11/2012 08:36 GMT

My Chemotherapy Diary: Part II

An hour or so after the usual blood test, the oncologist comes into my room and draws the curtain around me for privacy. <em>Uh oh, bad news</em>.
16/11/2012 12:26 GMT

How to Lose Your Hair in 10 Easy Steps (Ideally During Chemotherapy)

Ok, let me first make it clear that I am in no way urging you to try these steps at home. Hair loss is one of the things we most commonly associate with cancer and chemotherapy, so I decided to make light of my experience and share with you the unfortunate steps of my road to bald-dom.
09/11/2012 19:19 GMT

My Chemotherapy Diary: Part I

It takes every ounce of strength in my body not to vomit. I hum and sing to myself as I try to get through the constant waves of nausea and the pounding in my head. The feeling of not knowing what's next is the worst, and I keep a bucket by my bed lest I puke in the night.
06/11/2012 17:25 GMT

Why I Want to Get Rid of My Breasts

I'll just come straight out with it: I want them gone. I don't mean I want to be flat-chested forever - I want a full reconstruction, but I want rid of my natural breasts and the risk of getting cancer again.
01/11/2012 17:11 GMT

Breast Cancer, Singledom and Turning 30

While my friends are busy getting engaged, married or pregnant, I'll be spending the first year of my 30s battling breast cancer. Six months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and a possible double mastectomy mean my life is effectively on hold.
26/10/2012 16:38 BST

To Freeze Or Not To Freeze? The Breast Cancer Fertility Dilemma

There are few things more heart-wrenching than being told you can't have children. But being in that situation now, alone in the fertility clinic at a point in my life when I wasn't even in a relationship - wasn't even ready to have kids - was surreal.
19/10/2012 15:52 BST

My Breast Cancer Diary: Surgery And A Bit Of Boob

Reactions to my breast cancer diagnosis were varied. An older, male, former colleague simply sent a one-line email that said, "Better get the box sets in then." (He has been similarly helpful and supportive ever since.)
16/10/2012 17:36 BST