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Laura Rutherford

Mother. Blogger. Access & Inclusion Campaigner

Mum to Brody & Sydney, lover of sleep and eating bad things. Brody has an undiagnosed genetic condition, GDD, autism, epilepsy, hypotonia, hypermobility...and the best smile EVER. I blog at Brody, Me & GDD to keep sane & because it's good to get it all out (& even better when others "get it"). Also seen tirelessly campaigning for Changing Places toilets and working as PAMIS Changing Places Campaign Co-ordinator in Scotland. Website:

Hello Epilepsy

When your child has epilepsy, it is a constant weight on your mind. Without fail, the moment that weight eases off, a seizure will happen - just to make sure you know it's still there. It's thoughtful like that.
21/06/2016 17:37 BST
Just Keep

Just Keep Swimming

What happens when he's a man and doesn't pass as "cute" anymore? He is still our beautiful baby regardless, but the world can be a cruel place. I just want to protect him from it forever.
10/06/2016 11:03 BST
Guilt When You're a Special Needs

Guilt When You're a Special Needs Parent

Being a parent isn't easy for anyone. Being a parent in our world - where you battle your way through some days (most likely sleep deprived), watching the most precious person go through some things that no child should go through - is bloody tough.
07/06/2016 16:55 BST
Silence Is Not

Silence Is Not Golden

I should add we high five and fist pump, which is awesome. Not such a good look though when your child doesn't understand that his extended fist isn't automatically recognised as the pump variety to strangers. Yep.
03/06/2016 12:24 BST
One Person Can Make a Difference - And Everyone Should

One Person Can Make a Difference - And Everyone Should Try

Ever get those moments when you look at your kids and think you just love them soooo much? You'd do anything for them. You want the very best for them. And nothing less. This doesn't change if you have a child with disabilities. The only difference is you usually have to fight for everything that makes your baby's life easier.
02/06/2016 08:23 BST