Laura Williams

Diet & Fitness Expert

Laura Williams is a former couch potato who has revamped her lifestyle to become one of the UK's leading personal trainers.

Laura doesn’t believe we’re a nation accepting and embracing our ever-increasing size – she believes we’re a nation reluctantly investing in Spanx pants and dimmer switches whilst labouring under the misapprehension that weight gain is inevitable, and change impossible. But as someone who used to smoke, drink, and eat chocolate for breakfast (she doesn't do any of this now, btw), Laura believes she's in a good position to take exercise to the British public - a kind of stepping stone between the Lycra brigade and the man on the street. Her aim is to make exercise and a half-decent diet accessible, doable and effective for everyone.

As well as being a top-ranking fitness expert, Laura is an established media commentator and has appeared on TV and radio as well as contributing regularly to titles such as The Independent, FHM, and Heat magazine, and City AM for whom she writes a weekly fitness column.

Laura is an accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer (qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management), and holds additional qualifications in Pilates, Sports Conditioning and Pre-and-Post Natal Fitness.
Twitter: @laurafitness
Why I Don't Always Want To Eat Real

Why I Don't Always Want To Eat Real Food

'Eat clean' just makes me want to eat unclean. Don't get me wrong: I try and make sure those nutrient boxes are ticked throughout the day; that the bulk of my calorie intake comes from nutritious food. But I don't want to eat mackerel for breakfast. However, if the food purists are to be believed, that's what you have to do.
27/08/2013 13:16 BST
A Little Bit of Pain's Okay...And Four Other Things to Take From the

A Little Bit of Pain's Okay...And Four Other Things to Take From the Olympics

At the time of writing, the <em>real</em> glorious game is drawing to a close. We've laughed, we've cried, we've lusted... (well, Boris has anyway). And so the legacy talk commences. No doubt many health conscious, five-a-day-munching health and fitness pros will now be advising our obese population to take a leaf out of speedy Mo's book and 'get grafting'.
14/08/2012 15:38 BST
Why Easter Eggs May Help You Lose

Why Easter Eggs May Help You Lose Weight

If you have a food weakness, probably best to accept that your long term diet plan needs to include it. Whether your food fix is a chocolate biscuit (or two), a bit of Easter egg, salty chips, or a supersized curry, chances are you need to factor-in the occasional splurge.
05/04/2012 22:19 BST
Fat Tax Fat Lot of

Fat Tax Fat Lot of Good

I'm not sure about the fat tax. My concern is that it would hit those who can least afford it the hardest. Action's no doubt needed but making food even dearer in the current economic climate doesn't seem like a good - or fair - policy.
06/10/2011 10:59 BST
Celebrity Diets: Inspiration or

Celebrity Diets: Inspiration or Insanity?

There's one very well known American trainer, whose client list resembles the Hollywood Walk of Fame, whose 30 day master plan involves lots of kale juice, protein bars and not much else. I mean, come on. I can get you thin on a diet of dust and water too. Your immune system might not thank you for it but hey, at least you'll be thin.
16/09/2011 11:15 BST
How to REALLY Look Good

How to REALLY Look Good Naked

Looking good naked isn't about staying imprisoned in a body which you're not happy with - it's about turning mantras like "Because you're worth it" into truly positive actions. And I believe you can only do that by developing a healthy relationship with food and calling a reluctant truce with exercise.
25/08/2011 11:04 BST