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Lauren Derrett

Inspirational speaker, blogger and lover of supporting women.

I’m Lauren, mum of 4 humans, each with their very own birth story and wicked Step-Mother to 2. Red wine drinker, keen blogger, trash tv watcher, pretty hard core potty mouth and owner of Pregnancy and Birth Essex.
My Personal Story Of Domestic

My Personal Story Of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence can happen to anyone, I know that now because it happened to me. We were living a middle classed life that from the outside was enviable. The whole time I was at war with the man I had invited in mine and my kids' lives.
17/02/2017 12:10 GMT
Mr President, Let's Talk

Mr President, Let's Talk Abortion

Should she bring a child into a relationship where there was abuse just because 'she didn't believe in abortion'? Is that the best thing for her to do? She was already keeping the abuse secret from her family and her kids, how could she choose to inflict this life of secrecy and pain on an innocent child who never asked to be born?
25/01/2017 13:05 GMT
Here's Why It's Time To Drop

Here's Why It's Time To Drop Stereotyping

There was a panel of women were a business owner, an Instagram ledge, a Gold winning Olympian and a Charity organiser supporting women from Essex. It was amazingly inspirational night and a huge reminder of how much of a cock up the Oxford definition is and actually how damaging it can still be all these many (many, many) years on since I was that awkward teen.
09/12/2016 16:59 GMT
The Stages Of Pregnancy In

The Stages Of Pregnancy In GIFS

So I thought, as I've wasted a shed load of time essentially killing off brain cells watching GIFS it's about time I got some work done! As a doula, my work involves pregnancy and birth, so I'v decided to merge my two favourite things.
09/11/2016 15:32 GMT
Time to Love Our Post-Baby

Time to Love Our Post-Baby Bellies

Every disgusting stretch-mark is actually a forever connection to the child I grew and a mark of respect for the ones who didn't make it. Every bit of disgusting over hang covering up my mum pants is actually a story of good times, eating and drinking with friends, sofa buffets of cheese and crisps with my husband and birthday cake for all the years and years celebrating my own life and those that I'm blessed to have around me.
07/10/2016 15:57 BST
Where Do YOU Factor Into YOUR

Where Do YOU Factor Into YOUR Pregnancy?

Imagine if everything in pregnancy was written in a way whereby you could equate all your baby's milestones as a massive, stonking, you're the bomb, preggo high five to yourself and your amazing body that has worked silently and unquestionably 24/7!
16/09/2016 16:31 BST
Why Continuity of Care in Birth

Why Continuity of Care in Birth Matters

When pregnant, it's a good idea to really think about who you would be happy to see you at your most vulnerable, who makes you feel safe when you're that scared child looking for comfort, who understands the process of birth.
15/05/2016 21:06 BST