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Why We Should Ignore 'Body

Why We Should Ignore 'Body Shapes'

We are told a lot about body shape. Whether it was when Gok told us how to look good naked or when we are looking in fashion magazines that tell you what clothes will best suit you, knowing your body shape is apparently crucial to feeling good about yourself.
10/06/2016 11:05 BST
It's Okay If Others Don't Understand Your Mental

It's Okay If Others Don't Understand Your Mental Illness

There's a lot of stigma against mental illness, which only makes living with mental illness even more difficult. It brings feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt about how your mental health is controlling your life and yet everybody else in your world seems to be taking the reigns of their own lives just fine.
09/05/2016 12:32 BST
My Experience With Revenge

My Experience With Revenge Porn

Everybody takes naked photos nowadays, and it is not somebody's fault that their trust was broken by somebody else. This is not a punishment for being 'promiscuous'. This is not anybody's fault except the person who did this to you.
05/04/2016 17:35 BST