Laween Atroshi

Policy and Governance Professional

Laween Atroshi is a British Born Kurdish Healthcare Professional. He was a former British Central Government Official and currently works as Chief Research Officer for an NHS Trust in the United Kingdom. He writes in a personal capacity.

He is outspoken on issues as diverse as expired medication and the importance of education. He publishs various articles surrounding international healthcare systems, with a particular interest on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He regularly guest on various programmes across the media and has experience in increasing the exchanges between the Kurdistan Region and the UK in education, culture, sport, humanitarian and social affairs.

This has been demonstrated by his heavy and instrumental philanthropic activity, and on projects that have made a difference to disadvantaged people. For instance, campaigns to eradicate expired medication in the Middle-East, libraries to promote education and awareness on professional regulations.

He was awarded an Ambassador for Peace award by an NGO that holds consultative status with the United Nations for his services to a variety of different charities.