Layla Anna-Lee

TV Presenter and Broadcast Journalist

In 2012 Layla landed the job of a lifetime and was handpicked by Danny Boyle to voice the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony live to an audience of nearly 4 billion. Named in Time Out’s Hot 100 most influential creatives in Britain she has an illustrious television career presenting shows for ITV, Channel 4, Sky Sports, Eurosport and Premier League TV. A highly skilled interviewer she understands how to draw out the best of a personality like few others.
Top Five Moments of Euro 2016 Group

Top Five Moments of Euro 2016 Group Stages

In what has already been possibly the most entertaining Euros to date the competition has already brought us a shed load of hilarious moments. In conclusion of the group stages here are my Top 5 moments from the 2016 Uefa European Championships so far...
24/06/2016 08:30 BST
The Ultimate UEFA Euro 2016 City Guide -

The Ultimate UEFA Euro 2016 City Guide - Toulouse

This is no ordinary city guide. We have the sporting world's best telling you where they hang out. Last week Euro's hero Sylvain Wiltord guided us around Lyon, this week we have another world class athlete; England Rugby's fifth all time highest point scorer and current Stade Toulousain fly-half Toby Flood knows the best kept secrets of Toulouse...
22/02/2016 13:43 GMT
The Ultimate UEFA Euro 2016 City Guide -

The Ultimate UEFA Euro 2016 City Guide - Lyon

This is no ordinary city guide. Over the coming weeks I will be interviewing some of the greatest: from a past European Championship hero to an England rugby legend and more. I've handpicked the people who know the Euro host cities inside out and know the best places to visit during competition time.
16/02/2016 13:48 GMT
Are The Rio Olympics Going To Be A

Are The Rio Olympics Going To Be A Disaster?

Every host nation throughout history has faced a tabloid debate over whether the infrastructure is in place, whether work will be completed in time or quite simply whether the country is good enough, but none, it seems has faced a media storm quite like Brazil.
01/01/2016 18:34 GMT
Forget Team GB - Five Reasons Olympic Football Is Going To Be

Forget Team GB - Five Reasons Olympic Football Is Going To Be Awesome

The weight of doom England fans carried when gearing up for the World Cup was heavy and the media wrote about nothing more than the impending disappointment we are so used to facing. So this time it's easier and a hell of a lot less painful - we're not even there! Perhaps now we can enjoy the football.
20/07/2015 16:09 BST
The Champions League

The Champions League Stars

The first international break of the season is always the hardest to take - we've just had our first taster of club football only to be faced with a 2 week break. There was however some exquisite talent on show and some highly entertaining games. This week I take a look at which of this years Champions League stars were at centre stage during the international games...
15/09/2014 15:21 BST
Champions League

Champions League Transfers

On Monday night the transfer window battened down its hatches once again. Summer is over and it's time for football transfers to go in to hibernation until New Years Day 2015. Some Champions League clubs will be delighted with their summer dealings - others... not so much.
05/09/2014 12:21 BST
UEFA Champions

UEFA Champions League

It's back - the greatest club competition on the planet and the 2014/15 season promises to be one of the most exciting yet... the draw for the group stages has just taken place and the excitement surrounding how the English clubs will fare this season is paramount. Let's take a look at who they'll be up against...
01/09/2014 16:22 BST
The World Cup Waves Ripple

The World Cup Waves Ripple On

Brazil have quite some way to go to attempt to make amends for this years world cup disaster. The 7-1 loss to Germany pretty much devalued every player on the pitch so badly that memes of Mourinho's hands full of cash and laughing hit the web insinuating his pleasure at selling off David Luiz pre World Cup.
28/07/2014 15:33 BST
Surprise - You're Going to the World Cup

Surprise - You're Going to the World Cup Final!

Thanks to Adidas Football I became part of something very special - I was given 8 World Cup tickets to give away to total strangers... Our Argentina fans turned to the camera and said "Thank you, it was a dream - not quite the perfect dream but a dream all the same. I will never forget this."
17/07/2014 11:11 BST

Heartbroken Brazil

Brazilians turned their shirts inside out. Many left the Minerão stadium at half time. By the fifth goal Brazil fans were applauding Germany... In the grand scheme of things there were many problems but here are my three key factors as to why we lost so badly.
10/07/2014 12:32 BST
Live From Brazil - The Last Eight

Live From Brazil - The Last Eight Teams

This year's world cup has been exceptional on so many levels - almost to the point that it's sad to see any of the teams go; couldn't we just let the World Cup go on for a little bit longer this year? ... We're down to the last eight teams in the competition and the excitement has pretty much hit boiling point already!
07/07/2014 16:58 BST
The Greatest Competition in the

The Greatest Competition in the World

The group stages are coming to a close and the excitement of the knockout stages is kicking off on Saturday. We're knee deep in to the greatest competition in the world and, England aside, what an incredible competition it's been so far!
26/06/2014 11:46 BST
'Boxing is Like a Drug' - Speaking to Duke McKenzie

'Boxing is Like a Drug' - Speaking to Duke McKenzie MBE

'Boxing is like a drug' McKenzie explains 'luckily I'm a realist otherwise I'd also he back in the ring. I've accepted I'm past my sell by date' whereas 'Hatton can't leave it alone he's blinded by the light - more money than sense, the motivation is definitely not financial - Hatton is stubborn, its his way or no way, he's not listening to anyone'
09/10/2012 16:10 BST