Lee Constantinou

Body Transformation Coach & Personal Trainer

Lee Constantinou is a Body Transformation Coach & Professional Fitness Model.

Lee became passionate about transforming the lives of others through his personal journey into fitness, losing body fat, building muscle, overcoming adversities and becoming a UK Fitness Physique Champion. As a certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach Lee’s goal is to inspire, educate and transform 100,000 people to achieve their health, fitness and body image goals.

Through his programme #LeanwithLee, he will take you on a journey to a total body transformation, teaching you how to sustain your results for life.

Find out more about Lee and subscribe to his site for more health and fitness related information to achieve your goals: www.leeconstantinou.com

Lee on social media:
Facebook: Lee Constantinou Fitness
Instagram: LeeConstantinou
YouTube: Lee Constantinou
Snapchat: leetino
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Five Tips To Keep Your Fitness Resolution

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