Lee Langford

Tech, media, telecoms and entertainment director at Harris Interactive

Lee has over 20 years experience in the telecoms, media, technology and entertainment sectors, and loves exploring social media and other current issues through consumer research. In his spare time Lee enjoys roller hockey and can be found occasionally tweeting from @langford_lee .


Ronaldo Tops Rooney's UK Fan Base Across All Social Media

Overall, 59% of supporters follow their team on a social media platform. Whereas football news stories typically originate on Twitter, it is actually Facebook where football fans are most likely to engage with their team: 44% follow on Facebook, 23% on Twitter, 12% on YouTube, 5% on Google+ and 3% on Instagram.
17/10/2014 16:22 BST

Social Media Users More Likely to Turn to Traditional Media for 'Important' News Content

I'm an avid Twitter user, and I pick up quite a lot of news content from Twitter about things that matter to me that I don't get elsewhere. I also still read the press, both print and digital, and there is no getting away from the fact that many of the top news stories and features comprise significant content generated by Twitter users or Facebook tributes etc.
03/04/2014 12:06 BST

Where Are All the Tory Tweeters?

One final statistic that helps to explain Shapps' #epic fail is that his use of the pronoun "they" to reference 'hardworking people' would help to alienate daily Twitter users in particular since 51% are in full-time work or self-employed compared with the average of 44%.
31/03/2014 14:17 BST

The Truth About Trolling

Facebook is the site where social media users are most likely to have suffered harassment or abuse - reflecting its much higher usage than other social media sites. Nearly two thirds (74%) have experienced this type of activity on Facebook with Twitter next at 12% and then YouTube at 9%.
23/01/2014 11:40 GMT