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Lee Mannion

Freelance Writer and Photo Editor

Lee Mannion has worked on picture desks for all kinds of titles over the last ten years. In the last two years, he's been writing for titles including Marie Claire, Square Mile, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and the Daily Express. One day he hopes to swap a small flat in West London for a place with a sea view, a dog and a pub within walking distance where they greet him with the question 'the usual?' as he enters.

Cover Me: Why Travel Insurance is Essential

Let me offer a salutary tale. There is one kind of insurance that I was glad that I had. A few years ago a week long snowboarding trip in Chamonix, France ended in a very painful way. It was the last day of the trip and there had been a big dump of snow the night before.
25/11/2013 15:58 GMT

Winter's Coming: Time to Think About a Holiday

We want to experience how it feels to exist in a different place. We want new sensations: new sounds to fill our ears, the smell of a different kind of food and then the unfamiliar taste of that. Travel also gives us a chance to play the comparison game.
04/11/2013 14:00 GMT

Take a Chance on Me

Although the rise of virtual poker websites has been very apparent, it's now possible to have a go on the pokies online. Given the concerns about this type of gambling, the surprise is that the information about your chances is almost brutally blunt.
03/10/2013 15:37 BST

IT Security: Can You Really Rest Upon a Cloud?

In the pre-internet era, data security was essentially endless files filled with thousands of documents. It is hard to believe that there was a pre-internet way of doing business securely at all, or that any business that operated during those times is still going today. It must have been a head spinner to adapt to new technologies.
20/09/2013 12:15 BST

Ding Dong the Witch Is Alive!

With Wicked the musical celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year, should Andrew Lloyd Webber be looking over his shoulder?
24/04/2013 17:03 BST

140 Characters

Looking at the resulting collection of 140 portraits, the marvellous variety of people is revealed. Not only our different shapes and sizes but our moods that change so much in a day. Some of the people in front of Chris' camera were obviously a bit anxious about it, others seem confident and happy. It's just like we all are in real life, in other words.
07/11/2011 13:01 GMT