Lee Williscroft-Ferris

Independent journalist, LGBT activist and founder of TheQueerness.com

Lee is a thirty-something writer and LGBTQ+ activist in Northumberland. He is the founder of TheQueerness.com and former editor-in-chief of So So Gay. He is a trade union and Green Party activist and a member of the TUC LGBT Committee.

Losing My Hair: If I'm Not Bothered, Why Are You?

Going bald was always a foregone conclusion for me. From a young age, I was aware that I had inherited most of my physical traits from my maternal family. Whereas my father's side was blessed with voluminous mops of thick, black hair and olive skin, all three of my mother's brothers and my grandfather were (and obviously still are) bald as coots.
07/08/2017 13:40 BST

Why I'm A Green Who Will Be Lending My Vote To Jeremy Corbyn

Mark my words, should Corbyn emerge victorious on Friday morning, I and many others planning on putting party politics aside in this most unusual of elections will be pushing like never before for Labour's support for electoral reform so that votes equal seats.
07/06/2017 12:06 BST

LGBTQ+ People Are Not Pawns in Your Islamophobic Crusade

It is nauseating to see fascists court LGBTQ+ people in a twisted attempt to exploit their fears - fears perpetuated by the words and deeds of your average Trump supporter - and engage them in their proxy war on Muslims.
31/01/2017 12:05 GMT

Veganism: My Journey Towards Ethical Eating

Becoming vegan is the single most effective step one can take to contribute to the fight against runaway climate change. As someone who considers themselves an environmentalist, becoming vegan is no longer a personal lifestyle choice, it's an ecological necessity.
02/01/2017 17:35 GMT

Thank You, George Michael: An LGBTQ+ Tribute

The LGBTQ+ community does indeed owe George Michael a debt of gratitude. Alongside the rest of the world, we thank him for his amazing musical legacy, for his ability to make us sing, dance and cry. However, we in the LGBTQ+ community should also be thankful to have had George Michael as one of 'our own'.
26/12/2016 11:14 GMT

Theresa May: The Not-So-Secret Hardcore Brexiteer

While May's public engagement during the EU referendum campaign was minimal, her words and deeds since taking the keys to Number 10 have confirmed one obvious fact; our new Prime Minister is the not-so-secret hardcore Brexiteer.
07/10/2016 15:53 BST

Don't Be Fooled: There Is Nothing Progressive About 'Lexit'

The scourge of neoliberalism capitalism will not be eradicated by pulling up the drawbridge and going it alone. We must continue to join forces with our allies the length and breadth of Europe to fight for equality, justice, peace and democracy, at home, in Europe and beyond.
06/06/2016 11:54 BST

Sadiq Khan: The Working-Class Londoner Who Refused to Be An 'Invisible Muslim'

Londoners should rejoice that the immigrant bus driver's son from Tooting refuses to be an 'invisible Muslim'. Above all, they should be immensely relieved that City Hall is finally occupied by a mayor that has walked in the shoes of the majority of the population. That kind of insight is the sort of string to one's bow that no amount of inherited wealth can buy.
09/05/2016 11:51 BST

An Open Letter to Nicky Morgan From One of The 55,000

Our young people deserve an Education Secretary that listens to, and takes seriously, the concerns of the experts: teachers. They deserve someone at the helm that recognises the crisis at the heart of the system they steer and acts to resolve it. Only this will stem the haemorrhage of principled educators from the profession. Be in no doubt, Nicky, this is happening on your watch. Act now.
03/05/2016 16:30 BST

Nicky Morgan's Performance at NASUWT Conference Was About Her Leadership Ambitions

The objective of her address, patronising chastisement of the teaching profession aside, was to deliver a Thatcher-esque 'The lady is not for turning' monologue, enabling her to return to Tory HQ a self-proclaimed 'union-buster', the minister with the steel to sock it to a trade union on their own turf and the nerve to call its leadership liars to their faces.
28/03/2016 11:24 BST

Thatcher, AIDS and Hopelessness: Growing Up Gay in The 1980s and 90s

I don't sit around feeling sorry for myself as a result of my experiences of growing up gay in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Indeed, there were other factors in my childhood, entirely unrelated to my sexuality, that exerted negative forces on that period of my life.
17/03/2016 16:17 GMT

It's High Time We Revoked Religion's Free Pass

Let's face it, religion operates from an unfathomable position of social and political privilege. We rightly mock climate change sceptics as deniers of the scientifically proven. Why, then, is it beyond the pale to lampoon believers in not just the doubtful but the outright apocryphal?
13/02/2016 22:02 GMT

EU Referendum: It's Not Just the Economy, Stupid!

The notion of 'Brexit' is no longer the sole domain of Tory Eurosceptics and UKIPpers. There are many compelling left-wing arguments for leaving the European Union; the EU's perceived obsession with free trade, potentially to the detriment of environmental safeguards and workers' rights; its exasperating tendency to shoot itself in the foot through opaque decision-making combined with some appalling PR. The EU can indeed be its own worst enemy.
03/02/2016 09:48 GMT

Gay Men Are Emotional, Social and, Yes, Sexual Beings - Deal With It!

Gay men have sex. It might be an inconvenient truth but it's the truth nonetheless. We may be able to marry, adopt children, 'fit in' in a 'socially acceptable' sense, but select a featured image for an article showing two men kissing or, worse, write about the use of poppers within the context of gay sex and you may find yourself persona non grata.
27/01/2016 16:20 GMT

Poppers Ban: It's Not Just the Law Being Tightened

Undoubtedly, a ban on poppers will result in an illicit criminal industry. In addition, there is a very real danger that gay men will turn to Class A and B drugs as an alternative to what is widely accepted to be a harmless legal high with no conclusively proven long-term health implications.
21/01/2016 10:50 GMT