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Leesa Gazi

Writer and actor

Leesa Gazi is a writer and actor. She was the script-writer and performer of ‘Six Seasons’ and Tahmima Anam's ‘A Golden Age’ (Culturepot Global) at the Southbank Centre.

Theatrical credits include: ‘Birangona: Women of War’, ’Sonata', 'Rokeya’s Dream', 'Demon’s Revenge' (Tara Arts); 'Ponderful People' (Face Front), and 'Bonbibi' (Culturepot Global).

She also wrote the script for the return to this R&D piece 'Bonbibi: Lady of the Forest' in 2012. She performed in 'People’s Romeo', which had an 8-week nationwide tour (Tara Arts). 'Sonata', adapted by Leesa, was invited to Bangladesh in 2010 by the British Council.

Leesa performed in a serialised adaptation of 'A Golden Age' (Tara Arts). She worked as the cultural coordinator and as a voice artist for Akram Khan’s 'Desh'!

She has worked as a script interpreter in the 2012 Globe to Globe festival at the Globe Theatre on 'The Tempest'. She acted on a play about domestic violence called 'Whisper Me Happy Ever After' (Face Front Theatre), which had multiple tours in London schools over 2 years and another tour is booked for October-November 2014. Leesa works for Train4change as an actor as well, and recently she worked with them on a film for the charity WaterAid. Leesa hosts 'Aei Jonopode', a weekly live-phone-in show on Bangla TV. Her first novel, 'Rourob', was published in 2010!

Recently Leesa has been awarded the Grants for the Arts by the ACE for the Birangona: Women of War theatre project by Komola Collective. She is the concept developer, co-writer and the performer of this theatre production, which is going to have a 2 month tour from March to May in London, Birmingham, Oldham and Leeds.

Komola Collective: Leesa Gazi is the co-founder of a London-based theatre and arts company dedicated to telling the stories that often go untold - stories from women's perspectives
Birangona: Will the World

Birangona: Will the World Listen?

It is estimated that more than 200,000 women and girls were systematically raped and tortured by the Pakistani army and their Bangladeshi collaborators in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. I grew up listening to the stories of the Liberation movement from my father.
31/03/2014 17:04 BST