Leigh Kendall

Writer at, empty-armed mother, patient leader.

Leigh Kendall is an empty-armed mother and survivor of HELLP syndrome, a rare life-threatening pregnancy complication. Through her blog, Headspace Perspective, she talks about the death of her baby son Hugo (who was born 16 weeks prematurely due to HELLP syndrome) at the age of 35 days.

Since Hugo's death, she has been raising awareness of HELLP syndrome, birth trauma, premature babies, baby loss, and living with grief.

Leigh also set up an organisation called Bright in Mind and Spirit, named in Hugo's honour. The organisation seeks to improve healthcare communication using the benefit of her personal experience as a patient and parent, as well as her years of NHS communications experience.

In 2015, Leigh was named by the Health Service Journal in a list of 50 Patient Leaders for using her experience to improve care for future patients.