Leo Johnson

Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance Ltd

Leo Johnson is the Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance Ltd, sustainability advisers to over 50 leading banks and corporates, and now a partner in PWC's Sustainability & Climate Change group. He is a Visiting Fellow at the Smith School of Enterprise & Environment at Oxford, and a Trustee of the Green Alliance, the UK's Think Tank of the Year, 2010. Leo's specialisation is making business sense of sustainability, identifying environmental and social megatrends and the risks and opportunities they create for business leaders.

He has presented a range of BBC World television documentaries, including "One Square Mile" and “Develop or die?” He is currently hosting "Down to Business", the BBC World series focused on scaling up social enterprises, from Green Gold in the Colombian jungle to biogas from prison waste in Kenya. He has commented and written guest columns for the CNN, CNBC, the Financial Times, Evening Standard, Spectator, and Wall Street Journal. Leo Johnson is a Judge for the Financial Times Boldness in Business Awards, and Sustainability Adviser and Judge for the Prix Pictet—a Prize for Photography around sustainability issues for which Kofi Annan is the Honorary President.

He is the author of "Beyond Risk" (World Bank, 2004) and the co-editor of "Water" (Te Neues, 2008), "Earth" (Te Neues, 2009) and "Growth" (Te Neues, 2010). He has an MBA from INSEAD, an M.Sc. in Environmental and Resource Economics from UCL, and a B.A. from New College ,Oxford, where he was Stephens Scholar.

October 21, 2011
September 10, 2011

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