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Researcher & Blogger

Researcher & Blogger

Is The West Failing To Uphold Their Response To Protect (R2P) Commitmnt

Western states have always prioritised domestic responsibilities over international ones, as all countries do. However, the gap between these responsibilities has never seemed so wide. Recent political events seem to suggest a possible cultural shift when it comes to Western states becoming embroiled with an international crisis.
08/03/2017 12:14 GMT

Glastonbury 2016 Line Up: Hit or Miss?

However, this year seems to be slightly different, with the entire line up feeling the wrath of music lovers via social media, whether they have tickets or not. Disappointing and underwhelming seem to be the biggest takeaway from all the tweets and posts.
30/03/2016 14:01 BST

Analysing the Governments New Counter-Extremism Strategy

As long as there are threats, both domestic and abroad, there must be strategies in place to prevent and counter them. This strategy may not be perfect but it is definitely a step in the right direction. Let's hope it can be built upon and become the effective counter-extremism tool the UK needs.
21/10/2015 10:12 BST

The Job Hunting Game: How Arnold Schwarzenegger Keeps Me Motivated

Yes, you did read the title correctly - Arnold Schwarzenegger! The sixty-seven year old former bodybuilding champion, turned actor, turned politician, turned movie star again may not be everyone's first choice role model. Most prefer to attempt a bad impersonation of him, quoting one of his many famous one-liners.
03/06/2015 12:45 BST

Is Europe Overlooking the Far-Right 'Foreign Fighter' Issue in Ukraine?

Think of a 'foreign fighter'. Are they a young male, aged between 19-29, probably of Middle Eastern origin, and possibly a Muslim? Are they associated with the concern and debate over Syria and Iraq? To most people it's more than likely that this is the image that comes to mind. This isn't necessary wrong, but it's definitely not completely accurate.
23/01/2015 13:24 GMT