Liam Hackett

Founder and CEO of anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label

Liam Hackett, Founder and CEO, anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label
Liam founded an anti-bullying charity after experiencing physical and emotional bullying at school. Since then, Ditch The Label, a digital charity that provides support to young people who have been affected by bullying and prejudice, has grown rapidly into an international movement and a lifeline for thousands of young people worldwide.

Liam grew up in St Helens and after years of bullying at school which culminated in him being hospitalised Liam took to the internet to post about his experiences and a community rapidly grew. Aged 16 he became the first person under 18 to receive a grant in his local area to develop a website. Ditch, are now an international brand who have just launched in the US. Liam lives in Brighton, where Ditch the Label have their headquarters, is single and admits that his busy work life has sometimes got in the way of dating.