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Lisa Palmer

Founder of Mogul Matchmakers. Dating Expert & Professional Matchmaker at Mogul Matchmakers. As featured on ITV This Morning, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan Online & OK Magazine.

Matchmaker and love coach as featured on ITV 'This Morning', TLC 'If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World', Cosmopolitan Online, Reveal Magazine Online and The Daily Mail, founder of &
Kindness Conquers

Kindness Conquers All!

When I ask new clients what they want in a partner, most of them say they want someone who's loyal, romantic, intelligent and cultured. These are all worthy attributes that are great to have - but actually, the key to a happy, long lasting relationship is kindness.
22/02/2017 15:26 GMT
Carol Vorderman -

Carol Vorderman - Cougars

It's also an ego boost - we all want to feel wanted, and women of a certain age have often spent decades in a marriage where they've been neglected, and taken for granted. Life often gets routine, and many of my female clients have told me they've spent a lifetime working, cooking and cleaning, with barely any sex, and conversation that consists of the odd grunt! Where's the fun in that?
01/12/2016 16:09 GMT
Staying In Is The New Going Out -

Staying In Is The New Going Out - Apparently!

We are turning into a society where technology is taking over our lives - men are on the Xbox and messing around with their gadgets, and us ladies are watching our favourite soaps. I totally get it - log fire, glass of wine and no make-up on is great! It's a bonus when you don't have to take it off later - happy days!
02/11/2016 11:38 GMT
Alpha-Dating - The New Must

Alpha-Dating - The New Must Do

Alpha-dating is a way to put the excitement, mystery and fun back into your relationship by going week by week (or month by month) and taking it in turns to go through the alphabet, coming up with a different date beginning with each letter of the alphabet. For example A could be for archery, get out Cupid 's bow and arrow and put the love back into your life!
21/10/2015 17:25 BST